Is there an HTTP request library that works both inside and outside openresty with non-blocking behaviour?

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Yan Gabriel Minário

Jul 30, 2017, 7:46:23 PM7/30/17
to openresty-en
resty.http worked very well for me so far, but I’d like to make my telegram bot library useable outside openresty, so I’d like to know if there’s such library. If not, what is the closest thing to resty.http and how to fallback properly?


Thibault Charbonnier

Jul 31, 2017, 1:10:57 PM7/31/17
I built a fallback library which, if used, will always use cosockets
where available, and fallback to LuaSocket/LuaSec where cosockets are
not available (non-supported ngx_lua contexts, or non-ngx_lua
interpreters). It was inspired by a similar module in pgmoon and
improved/externalized as an independent library here:

Of course, it needs to be used by the library (lua-resty-http does not
use it nor does it provide a fallback for non-supported cosocket contexts).

-- Thibault

Yan Gabriel Minário

Jul 31, 2017, 2:14:26 PM7/31/17
In that case, I should clone resty.http and implement your library myself? I’m not sure if I’m experienced enough for that. Actually, I opened an issue asking resty.http creators to do that.

Unless your library implements luasocket/luasec.http into cosocket, in that case I could simply use that.

PS: It looks like your library is not available at opm.

Thanks for your reply!
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Kshitij Joshi

May 4, 2021, 2:51:23 PMMay 4
to openresty-en

I have the following piece of code in the init_by_lua_file in the http context

local http = require "resty.http"

local httpc = http.newCoSocket()

where I have added

function _M.newCoSocket()

    local sock = socket.tcp() -- similar to ngx.socket.tcp(). 

    return setmetatable({. 

        sock = sock. 

    }, {__index = _M}). 


function _M:connect(host, port)

    local ok, err = self.sock:connect(host, port)

    if not ok then

        return nil, err


    local times, err = self.sock:getreusedtimes() -- cosocket API

    if not times then

        return nil, err

    elseif times == 0 then

        -- handle connection



to the http.lua file.

I get the following error on the startup

socket.lua:167: stack overflow

The line 167 is

local phase = get_phase()

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