Upcoming jQuery upgrade: your thoughts about extension compatibility

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Antonin Delpeuch (lists)

Jun 1, 2022, 12:34:16 PM6/1/22
to openref...@googlegroups.com
Hello all,

For a long time we have been willing to upgrade the jQuery library that
we use for OpenRefine's frontend from its current, end-of-life version
(1.12.4) to a newer version. This is work that was started by Tom Morris
and that GitHub user elebitzero picked up lately. There are various
reasons why it makes sense to do that: jQuery v1 has known
vulnerabilities, and v3 (that we are migrating to) takes advantage of
the newer (and more unified) browser APIs, if I understand correctly.

Now we are ready to flip the switch. The only thing is: this can
potentially break extensions which use some deprecated jQuery syntax in
their own code. Therefore we turn to the dev community and want to ask:
can we release this change in OpenRefine 3.6, or do you see a better way
to do this?

OpenRefine 3.5 already includes the jQuery migrate library, which should
generate warnings when your extension uses deprecated jQuery constructs.
That should hopefully help to identify any outstanding calls.

Overall, jQuery has been quite conservative in its changes, and has kept
deprecated syntax working for a very long time, so it should not be a
ton of work to migrate an extension.

Looking forward to your feedback,


Thad Guidry

Jun 1, 2022, 2:09:59 PM6/1/22
to openref...@googlegroups.com, marek.s...@fit.cvut.cz
Hi Marek,

I personally would like to know your feelings about our plans below for the jQuery upgrade in OpenRefine, since FAIRDataTeam extension is still used by several teams globally.

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