Posting bounties for packaging tasks on IssueHunt

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Antonin Delpeuch (lists)

Nov 4, 2022, 5:03:31 AM11/4/22

Hello all,

We have not got any application for our calls for contractors for packaging tasks:

Some time ago, CS&S recommended IssueHunt to us: it is an issue bounty platform. In the past, BountySource was used, but now BountySource has become less recommendable (bought up by a crypto company and made attempts to let bounties expire so that they could keep the money).

I would be tempted to try out IssueHunt for the packaging tasks that were mentioned in the call. To check if the platform works as expected, I would initially just put a bounty on some relatively easy issues:

- $250 on Provide an Applications shortcut in the DMG distribution, with a suitable background (#5205)

- $250 on Configuration for OpenRefine on Windows should use only 1 config file (.ini) (#3057)

If that works well, I would propose putting larger bounties on other tasks.

Let me know what you think of this!


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