Job opportunity: Director of Benetech's Service Net project

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Greg Bloom

Mar 19, 2019, 3:26:11 PM3/19/19
Hi folks - Excited to share this announcement from Benetech, which is using Open Referral to develop multi-lateral resource data management tools in a project called Service Net.

They're looking for a Director for the Service Net project. see below for Clotilde Vasconi's message (which first went to our Slack)

Good morning all, I am Clotilde Vasconi, Program Manager for Service Net (which is about enabling collaboration on resource directory information).
I wanted to share two exciting news: 
1/the launch of our pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area where six I&R organizations have started collaborating on services data through our platform - and 
2/we are looking for our Service Net Director -
Don’t hesitate to spread the word and to contact me through this channel or PM. I’m looking forward to talking with the OR community (that I should have joined a long time ago!)

It would be great to place someone from the Open Referral network into this exciting position! I would be glad to talk about this project and the opportunity with any interested candidates :)


Leading up the Open Referral Initiative.
Book a time to talk on my calendar.
Reach me directly at 305.962.2859


Greg Bloom

Mar 20, 2019, 9:35:15 AM3/20/19
to OpenReferral
Hi Dave, thanks for your question! (Dave's message is pasted below, from a reply to a digest; I'm bringing it back into the original thread.) 

As I understand it, Service Net is neither competing with conventional I&R software, nor occupying a separate space. Rather, it's aiming to solve a problem with which all existing I&Rs and their software systems currently struggle, in a way that would benefit all.

Service Net's goal is to facilitate interoperability across resource directory information management systems, specifically so that people using different referral technologies can cooperate on resource directory data production. In other words, Service Net would make it easier for many people using different systems to manage (review, edit, get, etc) the same data. 

You might call it "precompetitive infrastructure." If it's successful, I&Rs (and other orgs that use resource data) can work with better information at lower cost – even if they're still competing with each other in one way or another.

I'm excited about the project (which is developing open source software, so it can be redeployed and adapted by anyone) and would be glad to discuss further!



On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 9:08 AM David Erlandson <> wrote:
Hi Greg,

Interesting position!  Do you mind if I ask what the end goal of Service Net is?  Will it be an I&R software competing with the likes of iCarol, Visionlink, etc? Or do you see it occupying a separate space from them?

Part of the job announcement was to define strategies/goals/metrics which almost seems like a chicken/egg issue.  But maybe that's part of the startup world that's always eluded me.

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