Open Referral Network Convening: March 24th and 28th

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Greg Bloom

Feb 24, 2022, 11:12:12 AM2/24/22
Hi folks – We're going to convene a network summit in which participants across our network can workshop together. Tentatively planned for Thursday March 24th and Monday March 28th on zoom from 11a-3p EST each day.

We'll be supported by our friends and fiscal sponsor, Aspiration, in facilitation of this event. 

We'll use this time to assess our progress to date, and map out our path ahead, for our work in developing resource directory data exchange protocols, tools for resource directory interoperability, and a community of practice that promotes reliable, sustainable, open-access resource data as a public good. I'm pasting a draft of the agenda below. 

If you're interested in participating, please reach out! We can discuss the agenda, expectations, etc – and it works out for you to participate, I will send a calendar invite.

Thanks for all that you do!


Prospective objectives for the Open Referral summit –  

  • Affirm and refine Open Referral’s vision, strategy, and process: 

    • Consider challenges of current sustainability model, and other opportunities.

    • Consider neighboring problems, such as "personal information exchange." (Should Open Referral's scope expand to address actual referral protocols?)

    • Address governance questions of localization, specialization, and federation.

    • Clarify framework for participation (roles) and decision-making to maximize opportunities for participation, contribution, and inclusion as we scale.

  • Set priorities for progress on standardization: how should our standards and related tools evolve, what would facilitate their adoption? What does our community need?

    • Implementation assessment: what’s working, challenges, how can we help?

      • Strategies for monitoring + compliance of vendors and info intermediaries

      • Prioritize and specify features of related tools such as visual aids, sample data, transformer and validator, developer portal.

    • Review and Gather Feedback on current HSDS 2.1 development

      • Presentation on merging US and UK work into a single spec with core, extended + application profiles for localization and domain specialization

      • Gather feedback and inform roadmap for spec upgrade

    • Prioritize future development of HSDS/A:

      • Standards for ‘Service area’

      • Search specs in HSD API.

      • Service taxonomies and ‘other attributes’

        • Eligibility criteria

      • Specifications for provenance, verification, and feedback 

    • Assess the prospect of interoperability with related standards ( for websites, FHIR for healthcare, relation to Open Contracting and 360Giving, etc.)

  • Assess needs/opportunities to develop resource data supply chain infrastructure.

    • Resource data management tools: 

      • quality measures/improvement, verification workflow, etc

    • Data federation through multi-lateral resource data exchange

      • Share lessons learned from the Service Net implementation.


Leading up the Open Referral Initiative.
Book a time to talk on my calendar.
Reach me directly at 305.962.2859

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