Common identifiers between LDBWS and Push Port

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Aug 27, 2023, 4:52:51 AM8/27/23
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I'm trying to use both of these in conjunction with one another but am struggling to identify services and can't find common fields in use by both.

I'm using and in the response is `uid` and `rid`. In LDBWS there's `serviceID` and `rsid` - I've spent ages trying to see if one correlates with another but am failing.

Any ideas? Is it because of the Push endpoint I'm using? Is it best I make up my own mapping ID for each TS in the push response, based on stations/time etc, then do the same on LDBWS?

Thoughts welcome


Evelyn Snow

Aug 27, 2023, 7:42:24 AM8/27/23
Hi Will,

The service IDs used in LDBWS are a little odd, I don't know how they're
formed (I haven't devoted much time to working it out), but I can tell
you that they're not used elsewhere in open data.

My recommendation would be to use LDBSVWS instead of LDBWS, since it does
include RIDs (and indeed, also UIDs and SSDs)

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