Darwin Release 4.9 - 19th September 2023 @ 22:00 (Reminder)

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Sep 18, 2023, 12:52:44 PMSep 18
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Outage Description: Darwin 4.9 Release

Affected Service: All Darwin services will be affected. 

Darwin Pushport users (including CIS & DCIS)  are recommended to disconnect until after the release is completed.  Users of the webservices will remain up however information will become stale over time.

Service Environment:


**N-CS0003118** Urgent - Darwin failing To Propagate Delays Through Associations

This resolves Darwin propagating delays through next train associations. Darwin tries to 'catch up' time by assuming minimum dwell times and using the shortest configured run/pathing times between stations.

Workstation 'Create As New' takes in realtime data
When using the Darwin workstation the 'Create As New' function on a cancelled service, it takes in the realtime data and sets up a 'create schedule'. This meant the service was unable to be created as it failed validation (can't create a cancelled service.) This resolves Darwin taking in the updated information and return’s the base schedule.

K-CHG0065389 Misleading info on Darwin Workstation
When using the Darwin workstation the 'Create As New' function, it takes in the realtime data and sets up a 'create schedule'. This resolves Darwin taking in the realtime data and return’s the base schedule.

N-CS0001489 Services being included in snapshots more than once

When snapshots are requested by the PushPorts services are being included more than once. Please note that previously when a schedule message was sent the associated forecast message was also included in the same PushPort message. If the schedule has an associated train the associated schedule and its forecast message is also included in the same PushPort message. This could result in a forecast message being included for the associated train that was incorrect.  Forecast messages will no longer be automatically included in the PushPort message when a schedule message is being sent. Forecast messages will only be sent when there is a change to the forecasts and this will be in a separate PushPort message.

N-CS0003665 CCLDB not working on mobile devices

The current version of CCLDB does not work on some mobile devices. The site has been redesigned to be response allowing users to view on a range of devices. DARWIN URLS for redirect CCLDB. Removing the Mobile version of CCLDB and redirect users to the new responsive version of CCLDB. Nasstar are upgrading the AWS ELB’s to achieve this.

N-CS0004057 - Journey Planners on National Rail and TrainLine

Live defect fixed in service, Release 4.9 contains fix, retested on staging 2.

N-CS0004059 - INC038076020 - Darwin showing full train service on strike days

Live defect fixed in service, Release 4.9 contains fix, retested on staging 2.

N-CHG0072320 Requirement to ensure that all traffic into Darwin is over HTTPS

Nasstar as part of work to implement new load balancers have addressed the long standing issue that HTTPS was not being enforced, meaning that much of the public traffic in/out Darwin is unencrypted. This has been an issue as it has meant that all usernames/passwords/tokens being sent in the clear across the internet unless people remembered to use the HTTPS URL. In light of the recent press regarding Russian hackers on transportation systems this is very timely and important and so pleasing that this is finally being resolved by a redirect being made.

Re-integrate LDBMSV into Darwin

Re-introduction of LDBMSV, this is not as feature rich as the updated CCLDB as it does not contain updates for CCR187 and CCR188, which is now available on Mobile and desktop devices. It is suggested users do not use LDBMSV and try the new CCLDB.

Start Time: 19/09/2023 @ 22:00

End Time: 20/09/2023 @ Approximately 02:00

Next Update: 19/09/2023 @ 22:00 to confirm commencement of work

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