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Sep 9, 2023, 6:50:39 AMSep 9
to A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community
Hi there,
I just implemented code to get daily updates for the schedule feed and I was testing the headers to find out what I needed to check to make sure that the update had been released when I tried to access it. I found that the update for today (Saturday) had sequence 4101 whereas yesterday and the days before were 4107, 4106, 4105 etc. This seems to suggest that the schedule update for this Saturday (today) still hasn't been released and it's 11:48 as I'm writing this. What's going on?

P.S. I honestly can't work out how to respond once people respond to me cos it told me I didn't have permission to reply all on email so if I don't respond that's why. Thank you all for your answers to my last question I was able to solve it in the end.

Thanks in advance!


Sep 9, 2023, 7:03:06 AMSep 9
to A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community
Edit: just checked the timestamps and they seem to be published at 01:30 BST / 00:30 GMT on the next day? So if I search for day "wed" it gets me the data released at 01:30 on Thursday?


Sep 9, 2023, 7:04:29 AMSep 9
to A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community
Edit 2: forgot to say the reason I'm confused by that is because the data feeds documentation says it should be released around 0600 on the day, not 0100 on the next day

Matthew Burdett

Sep 9, 2023, 7:08:36 AMSep 9
CIF schedules are generally available around 0100, the JSON ones are at 0600. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong 

You'll get a Saturday update file at about 1am tonight from the open data platform, ie Sunday morning.

Even if you have a direct CIF download from network rail even that comes in about 10pm, 

In the starting record on the cif update file there should be a date along with a letter which tells you the file sequence to the previous file 

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Sep 9, 2023, 7:14:23 AMSep 9
to A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community
Oh I thought I was getting the JSON ones. It said to add a trailing .CIF.gz to get the CIF file which I didn't do.

Leon Byford

Sep 10, 2023, 5:46:10 AMSep 10
to A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community
Hi. Yes, that's the correct URL for the JSON data.

As noted on the wiki:
"DAY should be replaced with the shortened version of the name of the previous day. For example, on Monday, Sunday's ('sun') update should be requested."

So, for example, the most recently published update was at 01:30 BST this morning (Sunday). However, to access it, I will need to include the short name of the previous day (i.e. "sat") in the URL:

I hope this helps.
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