How to change investigation time across multiple files

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Aug 12, 2021, 9:47:29 PMAug 12
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Hi we are using the GEM Caribbean Model OpenQuake files, as described here:

We generated an .ini from the OQ Input Preparation Toolkit (IPT: "Configuration File" / "Stochastic Event-Based") in order to run an Event PSHA. This runs successfully, when the investigation_time variable within job_hazard.ini is set to 1 (IPT: "Hazard investigation time (years)").

However, we would like to generate an event set of several years. However, when running a hazard model for e.g. 3 years, we encountered this error i nthe log/console:

 "ValueError: The source model <path>\ssm\slab_07\6.55.nrml contains an investigation_time of 1.0, while the job.ini has 3.0.

 Within ssm folder below, there are several folders with files (.nrml) that contain investigation_time="1." variable. We managed to overcome the issue by manually editing all the several .nrml files inside the folders and replacing such variable for investigation_time="3." :

Are we missing something in order to run a model for more than 1 year ? We should be able to change just one variable in the .ini file (investigation_time) and run the model accordingly, instead of editing the many .nrml files every time we would like to run it for different years.

Thank you very much in advance! Cheers"

Aug 12, 2021, 9:56:14 PMAug 12
to OpenQuake Users
See attached screenshots related to the question above
change investigation time 1.png
change investigation time 2.png
change investigation time 3.png
change investigation time 4.png
change investigation time 5.png
change investigation time 6.png

Peter Pažák

Aug 13, 2021, 4:47:37 PMAug 13
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I think editing the nrml files just by changing investigation time without changing any other values (activity rates) will lead to incorrect results.
You can work with the parameter ses_per_logic_tree_path, actually it has a value of 1000 in your ini, so you are generating events for 1000x1 year = 1000 years.


Dátum: piatok 13. augusta 2021, čas: 3:56:14 UTC+2, odosielateľ:

Aug 16, 2021, 11:53:02 AMAug 16
to OpenQuake Users
Peter is correct - it's very important not to change the investigation time in the .nrml files, since the defined probabilities of occurrence correspond only to that specific investigation time. The investigation time in the job file has to match the one in the .nrml files. Instead, you can change the length of the catalogue using the ses_per_logic_tree_path and number_of_logic_tree_samples, as Peter suggested, which is explained in more detail here:

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