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melis erdoğan

Jan 19, 2021, 7:29:15 AMJan 19
to OpenQuake Users
Dear All,
I'm organizing my exposure data. I classify my asset according to their consruction type, height type and code type etc. But as you can imagine there are so many building which have same characteristics in different locations. So I'm wondering that can I give  these assets the same id name  for different locations? 

Thank you..

Peter Pažák

Jan 19, 2021, 11:51:42 AMJan 19
to OpenQuake Users

this could be taxonomy you are speaking about, e.g. if you look at OQ demos
OpenQuake Engine\demos\risk\ClassicalRisk\exposure_model.csv


taxonomy is just construction material (Wood/Adobe/Stone-Masonry/Unreinforced-Brick-Masonry/Concrete) because other characteristics are unknown.

GEM have developed their tool to create taxonomy strings (available in the platform https://platform.openquake.org/taxtweb/) where for example
Precast Reinforced Concrete with Moment Frame, 1-3 stories year built 1990-2000 would get a taxonomy string CR+PC/LFM/HBET:1,3/YBET:1990,2000.
With that you can group buildings with similar characteristics into one taxonomy - one taxonomy will use the same fragility/vulnerability function.
If you want to use simpler strings, no problem, just the id in vulnerability needs to match the taxonomy in exposure.
(Like in the example located structural_vulnerability_model.xml <vulnerabilityFunction dist="LN" id="Wood"> will be matched with the taxonomy="Wood" in exposure_model.csv).


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melis erdogan

Jan 19, 2021, 12:05:22 PMJan 19
to OpenQuake Users
thank you so much, it was so helpful.

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