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Bibek Shrestha

Sep 18, 2021, 2:06:08 PMSep 18
to OpenQuake Users

I was trying to run Classical Probabilistic Risk Calculations as per section 8.4 in the manual. I prepared job_hazard.ini as file identical to that in listing 61 (with the exception of site.csv and region). While trying to run it, I'm getting this error - 

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Program Files\OpenQuake Engine\python3.6\lib\site-packages\openquake\engine\", line 261, in run_calc, **kw)

File "C:\Program Files\OpenQuake Engine\python3.6\lib\site-packages\openquake\calculators\", line 247, in run


File "C:\Program Files\OpenQuake Engine\python3.6\lib\site-packages\openquake\calculators\", line 588, in pre_execute


File "C:\Program Files\OpenQuake Engine\python3.6\lib\site-packages\openquake\calculators\", line 457, in read_inputs


File "C:\Program Files\OpenQuake Engine\python3.6\lib\site-packages\openquake\calculators\", line 718, in _read_risk_data


openquake.baselib.InvalidFile: There are no intensity measure types in E:\BMCFiles\ClassicalDamage\job_hazard.ini

What am I doing wrong? 

Thank you!

Peter Pažák

Sep 19, 2021, 12:09:27 AMSep 19
to OpenQuake Users
Hi, I think the listing 60 is really missing at least intensity_measure_types_and_levels.
For an example please also look at ClassicalRisk demo folder in which job_hazard.ini defines intensity_measure_types_and_levels, uses exposure_file to define sites and also includes vulnerability to inform OQ which intensity measure types will be required for the risk calculation.

Attached is a modification of that 60 and 61 listings using ClassicalRisk demo, I neede to add e.g.
intensity_measure_types_and_levels = {
 "PGA": logscale(1E-2, 1, 20),
 "SA(0.1)": logscale(1E-2, 1, 20),
 "SA(0.3)": logscale(1E-2, 1, 20),
 "SA(1.0)": logscale(1E-2, 1, 20)}
quantiles = 0.15, 0.50, 0.85
into the hazard calculation to be able to run hazard and then on top of that the risk calculation 61 (sites from the Nepal example are used, not those in 60).


Dátum: sobota 18. septembra 2021, čas: 20:06:08 UTC+2, odosielateľ:

Bibek Shrestha

Sep 19, 2021, 6:24:13 AMSep 19
to OpenQuake Users
Thanks, peter. 

Sorry to bother you again, but what throws this warning?

[2021-09-19 13:25:34 #108 INFO] <ComplexFaultSource 1;3:33> is suspiciously large, containing 20_720 ruptures with complex_fault_mesh_spacing=None km

The demo you provided ran without a hitch, but the files I made are taking too long to run. Is this related to the above warning?


Sep 20, 2021, 9:22:37 AMSep 20
to OpenQuake Users
Thanks Peter and Bibek,

The intensity_measure_types_and_levels was made mandatory for classical risk calculations recently. We have updated listing 60 in the manual, and the change should be reflected with the next release of the manual pdf.

Best regards,

Michele Simionato

Sep 22, 2021, 12:51:38 AMSep 22
to OpenQuake Users
The manual for engine 3.12 has been republished, see
Thanks for pointing out the issue,

          Michele Simionato
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