Aggregated losses in scenario mode

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Ruth Amey

Jun 2, 2021, 6:57:43 AMJun 2
to OpenQuake Users
Hi all,

I'm using version 3.11.3 of OpenQuake in scenario mode. In previous versions (not sure which ones but can probably find out!) the mean losses of the realisations and standard deviation of each realisation was output in a file 'agglosses.csv'. There was a row per loss per realisation, and columns 'mean' and 'stddev'.

But in this new version, the agg_losses-mean.csv file does not have 'mean' and 'stddev' columns, instead 'loss_value', 'exposed_value' and 'loss_ratio'. Is 'loss_value' the same as 'mean' in previous versions, and is the standard deviation of the realisations now output somewhere else? Or do I need to calculate it myself from 'avg_losses-mean' or 'losses_by_event'?

Many thanks,

Ruth Amey, University of Leeds

Michele Simionato

Jun 3, 2021, 5:49:17 AMJun 3
to OpenQuake Users

Yes, loss_value is the mean and if you want the stddev you have to compute it yourself from the asset loss table which is generated by setting aggregate_by=id in the job.ini file.

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