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Ashley Chapman

Sep 10, 2014, 3:56:17 AM9/10/14
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Some of you folks might be interested in this group.  As it's Dawn, you know that she has a passion for Multivalue, so it's relevant to OpenQM.

I'm wanting to link OpenQM/Scarlet to this Javascript/MEAN stack.  Not sure exactly how at the moment.  Choices are :-
  • CGI - something similar to Mike Ryder's pwchest.
  • EWD.js - fork it and convert from MUMPS to QM.
  • Use the QMNet protocol that Dicon documented a few years back

At the moment, I'm favouring EWD.js as that is mature and well documented.  Although I do also know the CGI interface as I used it for my ANJI tool.


On Monday, September 8, 2014 8:04:51 PM UTC+1, Dawn Wolthuis wrote:
Hello software developers, architects, managers, and vendors --

Netting out this post in a paragraph (TL;DR) --
If interested in discussing various options for developing line-of-business software today with a NoSQL (Not-only SQL) DBMS on the back-end, such as a MultiValue database, or in listening to me and others chat about various options, you are invited to join us by subscribing to

Background --
I recently cloned and changed a MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, node.js) demo app and got it running. It took me quite a bit of advance reading to understand the pieces enough to make meaningful changes, and I already had JavaScript, html, and css in my quiver. I prefer not to feel like a genius just to do something simple like this, but developing software today seems very complex. I think Grace Hopper is rolling over, and Dick Pick might be too.

Pick/MV developers have something to contribute to the industry in this regard. We know how to write big bang for the buck software that meets requirements, at least in the green screen or GUI screen-scraping arena. We might not be as inclined as new computer science graduates to put up with approaches that require such a degree of technical knowledge. We might be more inclined toward business analysis than in doing technical handstands.

Even within the MEAN stack (just one option out there) there are a ton of choices to make -- UI Bootstrap, UI Router, jade vs html, lodash, Mongoose, Restangular libraries, socket.IO, and many more.

I have started to somewhat "blog" about the various choices I am considering in this new forum. If you have no interest in hearing about my anticipated future experiences with Google's AngularJS (useful in both the .NET and .NOT worlds), for example, this forum would not be for you. I also like to know what others are doing, even if not aligned with my current approach. I like to be current regarding how people are using toolsets in the MV space and beyond, such as Evoke, DesignBAIS, Cache' Zen Mojo, ewd.js, Visage, Entrinsik Informer, and MITS, for example. I would like to hear what platforms, tools, languages, and stacks developers are working with in both the run-time environment and as development tools such as testing tools, source control, configuration management, build tools, editors, and cloud options.

If you have questions or are interested in questions that I and others might have, if you are interested in my musings regarding library and architectural choices and those of others, or if you would be interested in sharing opinions on any portion of the stack you are using or considering, I would love to have you join me at

This is not an MV-specific discussion list. Right now I am working with MongoDB, for example. But, yesNoSQL of some variety is a given for the back-end when it comes to the discussions on this list. I anticipate that this will be a small community of interested people. Thanks.  --dawn

Dawn M. Wolthuis
President, Tincat Group, Inc.

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