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Jon Cheney

Nov 24, 2021, 12:07:15 PM11/24/21
to OpenPnP
I want to throw this out to the group and see if anyone has done anything like this and/or would have any suggestions on how to setup OpenPnP to accomplish it...

I would like to leverage all of the great software and hardware integration of OpenPnP to build a tool to do spot soldering.  These are the reasons that I want to use OpenPnP
  • Great community with lots of experience
  • Simple to use and configure with g-code machines
  • Simple pattern recognition configurations
  • Great tool tip to camera calibration routines
  • Precise control of X/Y/Z (I do not need rotation)
  • Simple setup of boards and panels
What I am trying to accomplish is to carry out soldering of small wires to a substrate.  I am using the head camera to precisely locate each solder pad location (this is working great).  I would like to do a simulated "contact probe" at each location (no feeder required, no rotation needed) and trigger the soldering upon touching down.  Here is a list of what I think I need to do...
  • In board file, setup a fiducials at each solder location (done)
  • Find fiducial (wire location, this is working well)
  • Move head to location found when finding the "fiducial" and lower head/nozzle
  • Sense contact using a micro switch on a floating "nozzle" (can/should I use a contact probe nozzle setup for this)
  • Send signal to soldering station to feed wire
  • Dwell at that location for a programmed amount of time
  • Move to next location in board file
Is the "contact probe" the right way to go for this application?  Any thoughts on a better way to handle it?

I am trying to do something that looks a little bit like this...

bert shivaan

Nov 24, 2021, 6:54:51 PM11/24/21
to OpenPnP
That is really pretty nice.

I would think you don't need contact probe. You will know where Z is, so just send it to the correct height and add pre programmed amount of solder (like filament on 3d printer). Dwell some amount of time, then move on.

I assume the ball of solder created at first is what carries the heat to the part being soldered, so no need to actually touch it with the iron.

How will the wire be held in place in your setup?

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