MPI M500 PNP Machine for sale (and some other small shop SMT equipment)

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Hello OpenPNP Community,

Up for sale a MPI M500, arguably one of the best old commercial p&p out there for a OpenPNP conversion. (this machine will ship from EU/France/Paris area)

I follow the OpenPNP project with great interest since very long time. In 2011 I tempted myself to convert this old pick-and-place industrial machine with another PNP software project which where around at that time based on KFlop controller board and some licensed vision libraries. That project was abandoned by the main developer and after a year fiddling the software I got frustrated as our production needs increased in volume and thought I’d better focus and ramp up my production.  Was a lot of fun, learned a lot but needed to move on.  (At that time OpenPNP was by no means so advanced as it is today)

So I bought a good Siplace  F machine back in 2012.  Now we outgrown that Siplace F machine too, so it is for sale too as a complete package with feeders , lifetime spares, nozzles, calibration devices and complete documentation and will be posted here soon with your permission, Siplace feeders, as well as a DIMA Breeze SMRO-0252 belt reflow and a TECHNOPRINT HA06 batch reflow ovens,  a HERAEUS VOTSCH HT 4002 temperature cycling chamber, a FRITSCH LM 901 and a FRITSCH SM 902 manual p&p and some more SMT manufacturing things.


About MPI M500

Why this is one of the best commercial p&p out there for a OpenPNP conversion?  because it has a clean functional layout, will not need to strip any cables away in order to convert so it’s easy to roll-back to original state which is a fully functional, capable and quite fast, easy to maintain and friendly machine which will be able to dispense paste and glue and place many of usual components one will possibly need to place on a PCB. Because it’s so cleanly made and labelled, switching back and forth from original controller to alternate controller and software will come down to changing back and forth 3 IDC flat ribbon cables (in photos labelled: I/O-1, I/O-2 and I/O-3).

What this machine needs in order to be a great machine for a small shop or prototypes is one more head along with existing squaring head and an up-looking correction camera. Existing squaring head will go much faster than many multiple heads OpenPNP designs I saw as long as there is no on-the-fly correction and trajectory optimisation in software.
And of course modern (based on step motors) feeders will be a great plus.  

This machine is rather small, mono-phase mains and will not use much air.

MPI machines are less known machines made by a Japanese company named M&M International.

This very machine on sale can be seen on YouTube on a demo video I posted 9 years ago

Here is a link with detailed photos and software (will run in DosBOX just fine, M500.EXE is the actual software of the machine, EDM500.EXE is the offline editor)

It is very clean, restored with great care, fully functional at its original specifications.

max working area for the head :  640mm x 480mm

precision (step) : 0.1mm –very stiff,  under 0.1mm backlash – but drivers can do 0.05mm/step with a flip of a switch.

can place at any angle in 0.1deg steps

speed – in YouTube video see 1.425sec. tact, that is about 5000cph (sustained placement in best conditions, not IPC9850)


FEEDERS (will come with):

36(back) + 16(front) pneumatic feeder positions (can be easily withdrawn to make place for Siplace feeders eventually)

27x  8mm pneumatic feeders  - 2/4/8mm pitch

9x  8/12mm pneumatic feeders – 2/4/8mm pitch

(plus one  8mm spares donor feeder and quite a lot of spare parts for feeders)

the feeders are pneumatic, lever actuated

all feeders are completely functional, calibrated and tested placing 0603 components 

(the calibration can be done on the machine using PCB camera)

3x vibratory feeders with respectively 3, 4 and 5 lanes – all perfectly functional

plateau for 2x Jedec standard trays – any size, position and matrix pattern definable in software

2x bulk components feeders with 12 lanes each (pneumatic + vibratory) – these are complete but will need the pneumatic hoses replaced and to be connected – the related cables are in place.

Dispensing head for glue or solder with PID temperature control and pressure control. Dispense volume (time) and dispensing pattern is definable per component type.

 4 head positions magazine, 6 different heads provided – which will cover many of the usual parts.



The motor drivers are DIR/STEP drivers, can be driven by external controller (GRBL). I drove them with a KFlop controller.



PCB camera:  CCD colour Panasonic  VW-KS102 controller (S-Video and Composite out)

(A EZCAP frame grabber will convert to USB video frame needed by OpenPNP)

This model does not have image recognition intelligence

The fiducial capture and void mark capture are done with a laser reflective sensor.



L=120cm, P=89cm, H=120cm 

Weight = about 300Kg, on wheels, can be moved around easily.

Monophasic : 110V or 220V or 240V

Only around 90 NL/min air consumption – 5bar- could be found small quiet compressors to feed this machine.



PCB width 36mm-320mm (without JEDEC plateau)

The conveyer is driven by an IDEC MICRO-1 PLC and works perfectly fine. It is completely independent from p&p controller, will drive by itself the pneumatics, optic sensors and its logic. To be driven will need only 3 signals from/to the main computer/controller:

IN: PCB to placement position

IN: PCB out from placement position

OUT: PCB ready in placement position


All pneumatic hoses have been recently replaced with SMC oil resistant quality tubing – no pneumatic problems to expect for very long time.



Z80 based ISA card – common TTL and CMOS discrete components, optic protections, very reliable, never had problems with. Very easy to fix eventually, nothing fancy.

ISA  12bit A/D card for vacuum on head sensor reading. 

PC:  486DX with CF-card disk drive and USB floppy emulator drive for easy file transfer. The PC will come with has no reason to die, has a good fairly new MB and a good power supply. But anyway, not a fancy industrial PC, any 486DX or Pentium with at least 2 ISA slots motherboard will do.

On back connections photo:

I/O-1 ribbon will connect to all motor drivers and sensors

I/O-2 ribbon will connect to ISA 12bit A/D measuring card from head vacuum sensor

I/O-3 ribbon will connect to manual teaching control pendant.   



MS-DOS - based software

Machine power-up and is ready for placement in about 40 seconds (!).

Can run perfectly fine offline in any DOS emulator like DOSBox

Have an offline editor in order to prepare the jobs.

Have integrated CAD importer which will import from a .csv like file.
Have integrated self-test and calibration procedure

Can easily teach a PCB step by step using camera – this is a big deal for NPI and it’s not a given for many commercial machines.

Data entry using keys sequences can be surprisingly fast.  

Can do dispensing only or dispensing + placing or grid feeder check

The tape feeders (1 to 300), bulk feeders (1 to 300) and grid tray feeders (1 to 60) have freely definable coordinates in net travel area of the head, that means  it can take any kind of feeder as long as they can be incremented on head approaching (like for example a Siplace feeder actuated with an optical cell). Can do cut tapes too, they can be defined as unidimensional tray matrix anywhere in the net travel area.

Up to 660 definable part types, up to 2600 part positions /pcb, up to 100 pcb/panel


It will come with many spares. About all sensors, motors, controllers are common for machinery and can be easily found on eBay for not expensive.

Will come with absolutely all the bits I own about, software and production files this machine operated on over the years, great way to learn it.

Unfortunately I have the User Manual only on paper form and only in French. It has complete electric and pneumatic schematics. I have service manual (in English) for bigger machines from same family like MPI M550 M570 M580 which is more than good enough to maintain this machine too.

You will find in the following share a great deal of detailed photos, the operating software and examples CAD files format and relevant schematics. 


It was my very first p&p machine and I am very affectionate about. I only hope will not be dismantled to be just another left-in-the-middle abandoned project.  I have to let her go because I badly need space in my shop and no way to push the walls anymore.  I do have big p&p commercial machines, no use for this one anymore. 

It will be very well prepared for shipping.

The machine is situated in Paris Area, France, EU.

We are an EU registered business; we can issue a commercial invoice with the machine.

Feel free to ask further questions – only PM for price details.

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