bottom camera (up-looking) corrections inverted

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youri starr

Sep 14, 2022, 9:14:29 AMSep 14
to OpenPnP
hi everyone, 

i'm struggling with my test board, i'm trying to place simple resistors and they are all placed slightly next to the pads (not much, and it's random, not a regular offset) I can repeatably position the camera uver the pads without a problem, if I move the tool to the camera position then it positions it perfectly over the center of the pads also. When i pick and locate a part from the feeder then the part is located perfectly and the offset shown on the top left corner is precise.

I tried to manually pick a component, then align it with the bottom camera, write down the offsets, and then move the tool to the part location, and manually add the offsets (for example if the offset is "-0.22 , 0.11, 0, 0" then I go +0.22 mm on the X axis and -0.11mm on the Y axis) and then lower the part to the board, it falls perfectly onto the pads! 

I then tried to place a simple component in a job, and the part was placed slightly aside, the offsets were pretty much the same as the part I manually picked (-0.22 , 0.11 , 0 , 0) and it very much seems like the part is offset in the wrong directions! (instead of adding 0.22mm it substracts it).

I suppose this is a very stupid mistake on my part but i cannot seem to find it.. i've tried multiple camera calibrations, it's the same every time! is there a way to fix this?


PS: i've attached a picture to illustrate
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