Liteplacer no longer uses openpnp

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May 1, 2023, 10:16:38 PMMay 1
to OpenPnP
I almost purchased a liteplacer. But as you can see at their forums, they do no use it. But a proprietary system. And the z axis direction work in the opposite in such software:

I think the hardware list should be updated. There are other machines that REALLY use openpnp. So the users do not waste time going after unrelated links.

Litterio Andrea Guainella

May 2, 2023, 4:34:10 AMMay 2
to OpenPnP
many users here use liteplacer. Me too.
IMHO the stock liteplacer software is fine for sporadic editing where mainly the boards have few components and precision is not a critical factor.
When I used it there was no bottom vision so I choose to switch to openpnp. The only physical change to do is to change Z+ to Z- and perform a firmware upgrade and small tweaks to the TinyG configuration.
Honestly, if you're thinking about buying liteplacer, I suggest you start directly with openpnp but even more to be meticulous when mount to table (squareness) especially alignment for the cameras.
Obviously for every problem you can write to this group. There is always someone willing to help.
This is the strength of the community :-)


May 2, 2023, 11:34:17 AMMay 2
to OpenPnP
To make it clear: the Liteplacer never officially used OpenPnP.

As LAG already pointed out, people usually want more capabilities, so they switch to OpenPnP, or they just go for OpenPnP directly, like I did.

Be assured, you can still use 99.9% of the excellent Liteplacer mechanical build and wiring guides. The few differences are very easy to adopt, especially if directly go for OpenPnP, i.e. all that is different is swapping two Z end-switch wires, and changing one firmware configuration option in TinyG.


Jim Young

May 3, 2023, 1:07:00 AMMay 3
to OpenPnP
The Liteplacer doesn't ship with direct support for OpenPnP,  but that does not mean it is not supported. Liteplacer even has a dedicated forum for OpenPnP support, where you will find plenty of information about adapting the LitePlacer to OpenPnP,  as well a here.

In my case I upgraded my TinyG controller with this excellent board from IR Analysis. Not only did it quiet down the Liteplacer and allow the motors to run cooler, it also has jumpers for changing Z orientation.

TMC2209 TinyG upgrade for LitePlacer & OpenPNP. from IR AnalysIR-Infrared decoder & anlayzer OCXO 10Mhz on Tindie

In summary, once you deal with some minor modifications to the Liteplacer, it works very well with OpenPnP.


May 7, 2023, 2:31:34 PMMay 7
to OpenPnP
I have a liteplacer running openpnp, it works perfectly after adjusting the z direction. video here of it working with openpnp and some feeders. It is running the TinyG controller, so perhaps will look at infinates idea in the previous post and this may reduce the noise, on the whole i am happy with the liteplacer.

Mr covert

May 8, 2023, 1:25:30 AMMay 8
Can you tell me about your feeders, How they are made, how reliable they have been for you ?

I've had a lightplacer for a long time and openPNP was the best thing I did. I used therezza codebase myself and modified it to suit me needs but it was never as good as openpnp

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May 9, 2023, 2:30:15 PMMay 9
to OpenPnP
The feeders are mostly 3d printed, they are reliable, however I am not a heavy user, they reliably feed 4mm pitch or multiples of 4mm as there is a sensor to verify the stepper motor position, the 2mm pitch needed for 0402 components seems to work perfectly also but I don't use anything that small. apart from the printed parts there are 2 dowels, a stepper motor and a small bearing in addition to some screws and heat set inserts, there is a custom pcb running each feeder and a small photocell for detecting the pitch.

Jim Young

May 9, 2023, 6:43:03 PMMay 9
to OpenPnP
Is the feeder your own design? Is the design available online?
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