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Saha Chatterpaul

May 24, 2023, 12:04:42 AMMay 24
to OpenPnP
We have an application for which we think an OpenPNP would be perfect, - We are looking for a user (paid$) to prove the concept after which we would proceed and build one for this task.
We have professional PCB assembly equipment but I would like to use an Open PNP machine just for one part on boards which we place a lot of (up to 48/panel) low 1000's per month.
This part is a Coax cable post which is placed in the board (with generous holes) and wave soldered. It is a bit tricky to pick but we have created an effective nozzle design for our Yamaha machines to handle it, I don't want to dedicate my main lines for this project an OpenPNp off near the through hold department would be perfect if we can make it work.

Please respond if interested in taking this proof of concept on - and maybe even the full project with our guidance.
Located in Toronto Canada

Thank you

Saha Chatterpaul, General Manager
Broy Engineering Ltd.
92 Advance Rd
Etobicoke, Ontario
cell : 647 473-2769
office: 416 231-5535 ext.232

Mike Menci

May 24, 2023, 5:15:56 AMMay 24
to OpenPnP
Ca you please provide link to part "  This part is a Coax cable post which is placed in the board (with generous holes)" and some details of your nozzle design - to see if this could be used on Open PnP nozzles /stepper output shaft?

bing luo

Jun 2, 2023, 6:54:54 AMJun 2
to OpenPnP
Perhaps by modifying the  nozzle and frame, it can  be achieved.
Due to the heavy coaxial connector, the micro vacuum pump will not be usable and an air compressor will be required. Please post detailed photos here.
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