iClickers/response systems in HB 2919 cost estimate

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Rayne Vieger

May 2, 2022, 7:29:42 PM5/2/22
to Open Oregon, Amy Hofer

Hi everyone,


We are working on implementing our cost estimates for HB 2919 right now (our Fall registration opens in just a couple of weeks), and we’ve run into one snag that I wanted to see how others are handling. The Incidental course materials and fees list specifically calls out that iClickers are not excluded from the cost estimate.


(2) The following are required course materials and directly related course fees for which estimated costs are not required to be reported to students under the requirements of Oregon Laws 2021, Chapter 162:

(a) Common consumable materials not specific to a program or course of study.

(b) Any items covered by the payment of a noticed lab or directly related course fee; Page 1 of 2

(c) Any materials or directly related course fees required of students in a program previously noticed to students as a condition of participation in such program, provided that the course for which the materials will be utilized is not open to enrollment by non-program participants; and

(d) Any equipment, materials or fees generally utilized by students for basic participation at an institution, or that are required as a condition of attendance or participation at an institution. A classroom response system device is not exempt from reporting under this subsection.


The hard thing is that an iclicker can be purchased once for around $55 and used throughout a student’s academic career, so it doesn’t feel accurate to list it on EVERY course and every section when not specific to a program, but if you’re following the legislation, it should be included. This also automatically puts the class above our low cost definition even if using OER/no cost content…


How are others handling this in your cost estimates?


Thanks for anything you can share,



Rayne Vieger (she/her)

Coordinator, eLearning & OER | University of Oregon Libraries



Veronica Vold

May 3, 2022, 3:19:50 PM5/3/22
to Open Oregon Educational Resources
Thanks for this question, Rayne! I agree that it makes sense to list the estimated cost of new iclicker remotes given the legislation but it does feel like the fuller context of student use is missing. I did some digging into campus iclicker FAQ pages which note that sometimes students who have already purchased an iclicker or iclicker+ remote might need to purchase an iclicker 2 remote if the instructor requires numeric and alphanumeric questions. Instructors could also opt to disallow use of the iclicker app so students couldn't use their phone and would need to purchase a remote. In these scenarios, students might need to make multiple clicker purchases across their academic career. Including the cost of an iclicker remote per course might end up being accurate! Are instructors reporting the kind of iclicker access students will need as part of their course cost estimate? 

I also wonder if any institutions or departments are making iclicker access free to students by purchasing an enterprise license package? This would be significant in reducing the estimated cost! 

My last thought is about the available market for used iclickers. If any student could readily purchase a used iclicker for $20 from the campus bookstore and pay $7 to register it, any courses requiring iclickers could be under the low cost designation. Is this something campus bookstores already facilitate? Or would the used market be too unpredictable for it to impact cost estimates?

Looking forward to hearing what other folks are up to re: iclickers!!

Hope the day is going well,


Yvonne Smith

May 3, 2022, 3:24:58 PM5/3/22
to Veronica Vold, Open Oregon Educational Resources

When my son graduated from OSU in 2017, I couldn’t find anyone interested in taking his iclicker for free! Most college students have phones, and most of my colleagues now use app-based programs for surveys and live quizzes.



Yvonne Smith LCSW


Clackamas Community College

19600 Molalla Avenue

Oregon City OR 97045







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Rayne Vieger

May 3, 2022, 4:29:02 PM5/3/22
to Veronica Vold, Open Oregon Educational Resources

Thanks Veronica!


Clickers pre-date my time here, but I’ve heard some initial feedback so far that we haven’t allowed the web or mobile apps for support reasons, so any clicker use is apparently physical clicker use.


Michal Young also replied back to suggest an enterprise license or a lower cost/free option, and I want to explore this some more if I find out these are being widely used. Another colleague here pointed out that she remembers losing her physical clicker as a student, so it might actually not be cheaper than a monthly subscription cost.


As far as your question about the used market – this could be (and likely is) the case, and students may even be sharing them when they are done, but this is sort of out of our Duck Store’s hands at that point, so we can’t rely on it for estimating costs.


Thanks for your thoughts on this,



Rayne Vieger (she/her)

Coordinator, eLearning & OER | University of Oregon Libraries




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Subject: [openoregon] Re: iClickers/response systems in HB 2919 cost estimate


Juan Eduardo Wolf

May 3, 2022, 4:49:12 PM5/3/22
to Rayne Vieger, Veronica Vold, Open Oregon Educational Resources

Yes, I asked several times about using the phone apps with clickers and was given the same rationale.


If you think about it, this is exactly what the legislation is trying to resolve. I shifted my clicker questions to polls on Zoom during the pandemic. Since everyone got used to that, I decided to keep them there when we returned. I have my in-person students login to Zoom in class and answer the polls there. So far no complaints from the student’s perspective.


It’s a little more work on our part, but theoretically saves the students money.






Juan Eduardo Wolf, Ph.D. (he/him/his)

Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology

Core Faculty, Folklore and Public Culture Program

Coordinator, World Music Series

School of Music and Dance

University of Oregon



UO World Music Series: http://www.facebook.com/worldmusicseries

Ethnography: Styling Blackness in Chile (Indiana University Press)

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