OpenNI default camera intrinsic parameters

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Dec 17, 2012, 10:07:10 PM12/17/12

To the best of my knowledge, with PrimeSense device such as the Kinect, there is a set of manufacturer calibrated camera intrinsic parameters that comes with the device itself (probably in firmware?).

So when I call OpenNI API to, for instance, project some depth points back to their 3D local camera coordinates space, does OpenNI read the manufacturer's depth camera intrinsic parameters from the device and use them in this back projection, or does OpenNI read from some local file containing the parameters that is assumed to be universal for all depth cameras?

I am assuming OpenNI reads from device, since even different Kinects have varied depth camera intrinsic parameters, but I have no way to validating this assumption, nor any methods to access the value of the manufacturer parameters. Could anyone perhaps help?

Thanks a lot.

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