failed compile ONL for amd64 jessie version

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Johnson Luo

Jul 1, 2021, 4:22:03 AMJul 1
to opennetworklinux
HI All
Anybody found the ONL can't compile again for the amd64 jessie version.
In the past year, I can compile ONL with those command below  successfully.

docker/tools/onlbuilder -8
sudo -s
make amd64

But it always failed to compile the ONL for amd64 jessie which is referred to " onlbuilder -8“。 
It always report those error as below. I wonder if anyone met same issue recently and how to fix it for amd64 jessie version. Thanks a lot.

Ign copy: ./ InRelease
Ign copy: ./ Release.gpg
Ign copy: ./ Release.gpg
Ign copy: ./ Release
Ign copy: ./ Release
Get:1 copy: ./ Packages [8727 B]
Ign copy: ./ Translation-en
Get:2 copy: ./ Packages [253 kB]
Ign copy: ./ Translation-en
Ign jessie InRelease
Ign unstable InRelease
Get:3 jessie Release.gpg [1652 B]
Ign unstable Release.gpg
Get:4 jessie Release [77.3 kB]
100% [4 Release gpgv 77.3 kB] [Waiting for headers]                                                                       46.5 kB/s 0sNo keyring installed in /home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/builds/amd64/rootfs/builds/jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/etIgn jessie Release
Get:5 unstable Release [7726 B]
Get:6 unstable/main amd64 Packages [12.4 kB]
Err jessie/main amd64 Packages
  404  Not Found
Ign jessie/main Translation-en
Ign unstable/main Translation-en
Fetched 361 kB in 23s (15.5 kB/s)
W: GPG error: jessie Release: Could not execute 'gpgv' to verify signature (is gpgv installed?)

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
apt update failed. Exit value: 100
INFO:onlrfs:[profiler] sudo /usr/sbin/multistrap -d jessie/rootfs-amd64.d -f /tmp/tmpBjf8WH : 30.2332620621 seconds (0.503887701035 minutes)
DEBUG:onlrfs:Executing:sudo mount -t devtmpfs dev jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/dev
INFO:onlrfs:[profiler] sudo mount -t devtmpfs dev jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/dev : 0.012521982193 seconds (0.000208699703217 minutes)
DEBUG:onlrfs:Executing:sudo mount -t proc proc jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/proc
mount: mount point jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/proc does not exist
ERROR:onlrfs:Exception 'Could not mount proc in rfs.' in OnlRfsContext::__enter__
DEBUG:onlrfs:Executing:sudo umount -l jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/dev jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/proc
umount: jessie/rootfs-amd64.d/proc: mountpoint not found
ERROR:onlrfs:Could not unmount dev and proc
/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/make/ recipe for target 'RFS' failed
make[3]: *** [RFS] Error 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/tools/", line 1294, in <module>
  File "/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/tools/", line 977, in build
    products =
  File "/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/tools/", line 635, in build
    self.gmake_locked("", 'Build')
  File "/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/tools/", line 610, in gmake_locked
    ex=OnlPackageError('%s failed.' % operation))
  File "/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/tools/", line 126, in execute
    raise ex
onlpm.OnlPackageError: 'Build failed.'
/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/make/ recipe for target 'pkgall' failed
make[2]: *** [pkgall] Error 1
/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/make/ recipe for target 'all' failed
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/builds/amd64'
Makefile:23: recipe for target 'amd64' failed
make: *** [amd64] Error 2
find: `/home/johnson/auto_compile/Ericsson_nru0301/OpenNetworkLinux/RELEASE/jessie/amd64/': No such file or directory

Best Regards
Johnson Luo
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