Some problems of openmv3

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Mar 17, 2015, 8:32:57 AM3/17/15
I have two openmv3, using some problems encountered in the process, I hope you can help me, thank you very much.

1.I use windows system, then use openmv-ide, connection, USB device is disconnected once, why? (windows and Ubuntu are all have this problem.)

2, I use openmv-ide very Caton, often unresponsive, how this solution? (windows and Ubuntu are all have this problem. )

3.I use git source code, compile when I was with the "make BOARD = OPENMV1" or "make BOARD = OPENMV2" or "make BOARD = OPENMV3" or "make"? Which one?

Ibrahim Abdelkader

Mar 17, 2015, 5:17:22 PM3/17/15
I'm still cleaning up the repo and working on OMV3 support, no one was supposed to have cameras for a few more months...

Also while we're totally okay with anyone making cams or running on discovery or whatever, but we only have time to support official OMV cams.
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