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Robbie Morrison

Aug 31, 2021, 7:59:57 AMAug 31
to openmod list

Hello all

Attached is a release 01 work‑in‑progress version of a second submission on a proposed data act for the Europe Union.  The submission deadline is Friday 03 September 2021 midnight.

This document follows an earlier submission dated 25 June 2021.  On this particular iteration however, I did not have the available or elapsed time to process drafts though this community.  So on this occasion, I am the sole author.  I apologize for that truncation.

But I am more than happy to take comments or corrections over the next 48 hours nonetheless.  Either on‑list or off‑list as you prefer.  And here is some background on the openmod forum too:

I have absolutely no insight at to where the European Commission is headed on this.  But I think it useful nonetheless to fly the flag for open data, open modeling, energy system digitalization, and related themes.

And again many thanks to those who signed on for the first iteration.

with best wishes, Robbie

Robbie Morrison
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Robbie Morrison

Sep 6, 2021, 11:31:47 AMSep 6

Hello all

I uploaded my submission to the European Commission last Friday. The following URLs point to the document itself and to an associated posting on the openmod forum:

This is a follow‑up submission providing ideas and information that came to light since the first submission (noted below) was uploaded.

This second submission stressed the following points:

  • the public interest is best served by treating non‑personal energy system data as a public good wherever possible
  • historical market clearance information was cited as an example of highly restrictive public disclosure
  • the legal status of datasets and databases under joint authorship needs clarifying
  • open and freely reusable data would arguably benefit from explicit statutory support
  • complexity is rapidly increasing within both the energy and information domains and the intersection is known as “digitalization”
  • the net‑zero by 2050 goal will be severely hampered without vastly better access to energy system data

The request for explicit statutory support for open data is not one I have heard aired before. Indeed it would be helpful if public intellectual property were properly covered in legislation and not reliant on public licenses often drafted under United States legal traditions.

My thanks to the three individuals on this list who earlier offered valuable comments on release 01.

PDF attached.

with best wishes, Robbie

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