Scenario data supporting the IEA Netzero-2050 Roadmap

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Daniel Huppmann

May 19, 2021, 12:03:08 PMMay 19
to openmod initiative
Hi openmods,

Everyone's excited about the IEA's NetZero2050 Roadmap, and rightly so - but what I'm most thrilled about is that they also released the scenario data and all numbers underlying the figures as xlsx files!

Unfortunately, the format is not quite harmonized, so it's not straightforward to extract the relevant data and work with it. So I wrote a little python Jupiter notebook to get the data into the IAMC data format used by IPCC WG3 and several projects including openENTRANCE, ECEMF, ENGAGE and NAVIGATE...

So far, this script only implements the first sheet in the Annex-A xlsx file of the report - but it should be a good starting point to treat other sheets in a similar manner. Happy to go down this rabbit hole if anyone is interested…?

Hopefully, this is a little step towards openscience & FAIRdata…


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Robbie Morrison

May 19, 2021, 12:18:07 PMMay 19

Just adding some links.  First, the report:

then the data:

and some commentary:

I had trouble reaching both the document server and the data server on multiple occasions.  Evidently Daniel got through okay.

with best wishes, Robbie

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