Data on ages of industrial facilities in Europe: blast furnaces and cement kilns

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Tom Brown

Feb 15, 2021, 12:43:26 PM (11 days ago) Feb 15
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Hi folks,

As many of you know, data on industrial facilities is hard to come by.
Projects like hotmaps have made great strides in munging data e.g. from
the ETS to get geo-referenced datasets:

but what I would also like is the ages of the blast furnaces and cement
kilns. I'd like to be able to e.g. reproduce at plant level Figure 2
from this Agora Energiewende report:

which shows the production capacity in Mt/a requiring reinvestment by 2030.

Does anyone have a database of industrial plants with ages / last
upgrades / reinvestment requirements?

Obviously this is important both for research and policy action.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,


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Tom Brown

Feb 16, 2021, 9:28:12 AM (10 days ago) Feb 16
Hi all,

Thanks for all your help with this! I was flooded with data after also
asking on Twitter:

In summary: there is a lot of active work in this area with many
datasets coming online in the next few months. The data often has holes
in it, since there is no reporting duty on the ages of privately owned
industrial facilities.

# Steel

The go-to commercial source has been the VDEh Plantfacts database, now
for sale here:

The rates for access were quite reasonable in the past.

Global Energy Monitor will soon publish a global open database, which is
available at the moment behind a registration wall before it's ready:

See data in their wiki:

It's not clear how good the data are on e.g. the last date of blast
furnace relining.

Ember UK Steel Database:

Another major think tank will publish its data online soon.

# Cement

CEMBUREAU used to publish the World Cement Directory which was used by some.

# Combined Database

Was compiled for this paper by Johan Rootzén & Filip Johnsson:

I will maybe update the wiki as more data comes in.

Best wishes,


Robbie Morrison

Feb 16, 2021, 10:05:41 AM (10 days ago) Feb 16

Hi Tom, all

Gavin Starks hosted a presentation today — soon to be uploaded somewhere under CC‑BY‑4.0 — on the Icebreaker One Open Energy project.  Toward the end of the presentation, Gavin indicated that he believed that increasing levels of mandated data — meaning data that must be published by law — was likely to assist the United Kingdom pursue its net zero commitments.  Icebreaker work closely with the UK government and so I took Gavin's remarks to be well grounded.

The corollary is, I guess, that we modelers — and not just in the UK — should push more for the kind of information that Tom sought to be subject to statutory reporting.

with best wishes, Robbie

Robbie Morrison
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Feb 23, 2021, 3:48:42 AM (3 days ago) Feb 23
to openmod initiative
Hi Tom and others,

Thanks a lot. This will help me a lot to improve the industry sector in our modelling!

Best Wishes

PhD candidate on sector-coupling in socio-technical energy transition models
Eindhoven University of Technology

Op dinsdag 16 februari 2021 om 16:05:41 UTC+1 schreef Robbie Morrison:

Tom Brown

3:51 AM (11 hours ago) 3:51 AM
Hi all,

A quick update: the Global Energy Monitor's Global Steel Plant Tracker
(GSPT) is now online with a fancy map and dashboard:

Unfortunately the data on the ages of plants is spotty, and the
important data on the last blast furnace relining date (should happen
every 20 years) is missing, but this could be added over time by combing
through news reports. I have this data now shared privately, but one
could try to match it with openly-available reports.

Best wishes,

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