The AC/DC question?

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Robbie Morrison

Apr 21, 2022, 7:55:57 AM4/21/22
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Hello all

Just for clarity, this posting is not about the 1970s Australian rock band (and somewhat surprisingly still alive and active according to wikipedia).

Has there been any work in this community that looks at future transmission grids in terms of AC and DC reticulation and, in particular, hybrid arrangements, typologies, and design choices?

As a hypothetical example, say there is a new high‑voltage HVDC interconnector running through Germany bring offshore wind generation south to Bavaria.  What kind of tapping out to the AC network en‑route would be appropriate, for instance?  This kind of topological question should be supported by any number of energy system modeling frameworks: simplified AC power‑flow is not difficult to implement and DC transport is straightforward.  The real question, therefore, is have there been any detailed studies?  And are there any insights to share?

I know the Calliope folk published some work on the European HVAC network 18 months back under a range of scenarios that examined increasingly tight definitions of local autonomy:

Maybe PyPSA-Eur-Sec-30 model (and extensions) team have also looked at this?  And others elsewhere too?

This question surfaced recently and I will forward any useful information that eventuates to those interested.

thanks in advance and with best wishes, Robbie

Robbie Morrison
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Apr 22, 2022, 4:03:32 AM4/22/22
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Hi Robbie,

In GridCal I spent a considerable effort implementing a truly non compromise AC-DC power flow following this book and the FUBM articles (and repository) by the same authors.

Now, in practice for system studies the simplified HVDC line is sufficient (AKA two generators and no galvanic union like the 2 terminal hvdc line in PSSe)

Is this of any use?

Best regards,

Cruz Enrique Borges Hernandez

Apr 22, 2022, 11:09:44 AM4/22/22
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Dear all,

While we have not dealt with HVDC networks so far, we have been working on the topic for Low Voltage DC networks for some time. The google scholar profile of Tony Castillo [1] contains access to all our works. We have been focusing on the use of DC networks on building and water networks. Our last paper is a survey of the most common modelling / implementation choices around these networks [2]. The focus is on topologies and tension levels and a second survey paper dealing with control strategies and protection schemes is under review. Unfortunately these models have been developed in matlab and the models have not been published but if someone is interested I can discuss with the main authors to open them.

Best regards,

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