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Malte Schäfer

Nov 16, 2021, 11:23:15 AMNov 16
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Hi everyone,

Motivated by a recent article at Our World in Data (https://ourworldindata.org/iea-open-data), I have begun working with Robbie Morrison to draft an open letter to the IEA and the governments of its member countries. We, just as the authors of the OWID article, would welcome it if the IEA were to make all of its datasets publicly available.

A draft of this letter is attached to this email - I hope I covered all formats that you find easy to work with. If not, please do let me know.

From you, the openmod community, we would like to ask three things:
1) Would you like to help us in drafting the letter?
2) Would you like to sign the letter?
3) Would you like to forward the final letter to "your" government, if it is a member county of the IEA?

For those considering one or multiple points, below some details on each of them.

1) Drafting
We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on this letter - what did we miss, what should we change, what should we leave out? What do you think of the notion in general? Can you perhaps add some relevant references?

The letter is by far not final, so please feel free to suggest major and minor changes. Also, I'm not an English native speaker, so don't hesitate to let me know where my wording is off. Finally, the formatting is not final either, and since Robbie and I work with different text editors, this may show in some places. We seek to fix this before we submit the final version.

2) Signing
If you are interested in signing the letter, please provide us with the following information:
  • your full name
  • academic title (if applicable)
  • the organization you work at
  • one sentence about what you are working on (ideally, this would directly relate to IEA data in some way)
The final letter will refer to the openmod community, but ultimately it will be submitted in the names of the signatories only.

3) Forwarding
If you are interested in forwarding the final letter to "your" government (the government of the country you are from and/or of the country you currently reside in/work at), and if this country is a member country of the IEA (https://www.iea.org/countries), please let us know. Probably the best recipient would be the energy ministry (or equivalent) of your country. If you have a government contact person within your professional network, sending the letter to them would probably increase the likelihood of the letter having an impact. If you do, and you want to share this information with us, we would greatly appreciate it (with or without naming the contact explicitly). Finally, I think that a "high status person" (e.g. professor) submitting the letter may also increase the chances of the letter having an impact. (Not that I prefer it that way, just my expectation).

Next steps
I will collect your feedback and draft the final version of the letter. The goal is to draft a final letter by the end of November. I will work with Robbie to have all the formatting smoothed out by then, and probably he can also support me in the publishing process.

So much for now. I probably missed a lot of things or got them wrong, so I am looking forward to your feedback! Many thanks to Robbie for his initial draft and ongoing input and support.


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