Data request: Financial Futures US power market volume data

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Sep 2, 2021, 7:24:16 AMSep 2
Dear all,

I'm searching for the volumes (everything else, such as prices also welcome) of future products for the major US power market trading hubs, such as PJM western hub, ERCOT North etc. thats not behind a paywall

The only publicly available dataset I have found so far is the one from the EIA: , which however only contains selected Peak Day products. However, I'm far more interested in the most liquidly traded products, such as year and monthly contracts.

Finally: even aggregate data (e.g. total volume of the PJM WH future&option market) would be highly appreciated.

Best regards

Dr. Jörn C. Richstein
German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)
Climate Policy Department

Mohrenstrasse 58
10117 Berlin, Germany

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Adam Stein

Sep 2, 2021, 3:01:35 PMSep 2
Catalyst Coop collects and cleans a lot of publicly available US energy data. 

FERC provides some sales data (some is also in the above data set) 

Best regards,

Adam Stein, Ph.D. 
Senior Nuclear Analyst 
The Breakthrough Institute

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Robbie Morrison

Sep 4, 2021, 3:31:59 AMSep 4
to, Jörn Richstein

Hi Jörn, all

On the question of paywalled market data, I submitted the following paragraphs to the European Commission yesterday as part of their public consultation on a proposed European‑wide Data Act.  Hopefully, we modelers can make some progress on the statutory side.

Interestingly, Ayrton Bourn, in his recent webinar (that I also cite) suggested that attitudes toward paywalled electricity market clearance information were starting to soften in the United Kingdom.  Notwithstanding, Elexon apply their own non‑standard license: I have no information on its inbound compatibility with CC‑BY‑4.0 but I suspect it is not.

Just to note that futures trading information would class as both "historical" and "market clearance" in this context!

[section 2.1 on
      market clearance information from submission]

My full submission will be uploaded to Zenodo to obtain a DOI and then circulated later today or tomorrow.

Finally, my sincere thanks to IS for helping with background details regarding the EEX complaint.

with best wishes, Robbie

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Robbie Morrison
Address: Schillerstrasse 85, 10627 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49.30.612-87617
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