Ithaka questionnaire on community data usage

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Robbie Morrison

Feb 23, 2021, 3:09:29 AM (3 days ago) Feb 23
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Hello all

United States non‑profit Ithaka S+R recently sent me a questionnaire on community data after I contacted them. Originally, I was going to be interviewed as an individual. But I suggested that we respond as a community and that is the plan. To get the ball rolling, the questions and my drafted response are here:

But that text is just to kick off the process. Please feel free to edit the wikipost and/or add comments and suggestions below as replies. If you do edit though, can you leave an articulate commit message please!

The above URL also contains further background.

After the text is complete, I will hide the discussion so that it is only visible to registered users. The final text however will be copied to a new topic and will remain world‑readable.

If anyone thinks that we should not respond then please make your views known too. We should certainly also decide whether to proceed or not.

with best wishes, Robbie

Robbie Morrison
Address: Schillerstrasse 85, 10627 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49.30.612-87617
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