new paper on comparing flexibility options with an open-source energy system model

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David Parra

Aug 5, 2022, 12:55:05 PMAug 5
to openmod initiative
Flexibility is needed to supply renewable energy on demand. Interestingly, some flexibility assets are installed to provide other services, e.g., heat pumps and wet appliances and their use can be optimised to reduce energy storage investments while increasing renewables.

In our new opena ccess study, we compare various flexibility options for Switzerland (with a focus on the residential sector), namely, energy storage, demand response, electric heating with heat pumps and domestic hot water (DHW) boilers, using open-source model GRIMSEL.

We find that:

 - optimal DHW boilers operation and demand response can save up to 40% of energy storage investments by 2050.

 - 34-80% more electricity storage is needed to support larger heat pump deployment.

- Retrofitting buildings (thermal envelope) reduces electricity storage needs by 86%. - Flexible heat pumps, DHW boilers and wet appliances loads increase PV deployment by 22-66% for the residential sector

The paper can be accessed in this link, and it is also attached: 

Please, do not hesitate to approach us if you have any question or comment.

Best regards,

Dr. David Parra Mendoza

Head of Hydrogen and Power-to-X department

Iberian Centre for Research in Energy Storage

(+34) 618 040 515


Visiting Scholar at Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), University of Geneva

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What adds more flexibility_an energy system analysis of analysis of storage, demand-side response, heating electrification and distribution reinforcement.pdf
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