Graph-based modelling of macro-energy systems and AnyMOD.jl

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Aug 11, 2021, 12:01:28 PMAug 11

Dear open modelers,

I would like to use a recent publication in Applied Energy as an opportunity to introduce a new modeling approach and a corresponding open-source framework.

The article is titled A graph-based formulation for modeling macro-energy systems and presents a method for pathway optimization of sector-integrated energy systems. It pursues a graph-based approach that, among other things, can vary the temporal and spatial detail applied to each energy carrier. As a result, fluctuations of renewables can be modelled at greater detail without unnecessarily inflating models or flexibilities inherent to the energy system, like the thermal inertia of buildings, can be captured. The article can be accessed via this link:

To make the method widely accessible, it is implemented into AnyMOD.jl, a Julia based modeling framework or “model generator”, like Calliope, temoa, or OSeMOSYS. The framework is, of course, open-source and available on GitHub including a comprehensive documentation (( There is also a working paper that introduces its additional features to facilitate working with large and complex energy systems (

If I sparked your interest, you can still apply for our Autumn school InfraTrain ( until Sunday, where we will give an introduction into the graph-based method and the AnyMOD.jl framework in the course Energy system modeling.

Best regards,



M.Sc. Leonard Göke

Technical University of Berlin

Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy



Twitter: @anygoeke






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