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Ludwig Hülk

Aug 8, 2022, 3:29:22 AMAug 8
to openmod (openmod-initiative@googlegroups.com)
Dear openmod

The OpenEnergyFamily has published an updated set of publicly available data from the national power unit registry (Markstammdatenregister - MaStR) of the German Federal Network Agency. The register contains data on all electricity and gas plants in Germany. The data was processed and summarized using the collaborative and openly developed software open-MaStR<https://github.com/OpenEnergyPlatform/open-MaStR>. Now, the datapackage is available for download.

The current data set is published on the open repository Zenodo<https://zenodo.org/record/6807426#.YtllHITP02w>. In addition to information on electricity and gas generation plants, the latest data package also includes all stakeholder data. With the help of the open-mastr software, the plants are bundled and joined in a database by generation type. They can be exported in CSV format as open data for further use.

In the current open-MaStR version, the XML overall data extract of the Federal Network Agency is integrated into the software. The software thus relieves the user of transformation steps to a practicable data structure. The data is then available in a well-prepared form. Compared to the previous implementation of data retrieval via API access, this additional function saves the tedious, step-by-step download of individual units (solar with several million entries needed a lot of time and resources). The entire data can thus be downloaded and processed easily and within a very short time. This allows more time for content-related work with the data.

Together with Fortiss<https://www.fortiss.org/>, the Reiner Lemoine Institut is currently developing the software further. The developers are open to collaboration with interested parties, who can contact them via the Open Energy Platform<https://openenergy-platform.org/contact/>.
The latest software version of open-MaStR is also available as a Python package on Pypi<https://pypi.org/project/open-mastr/>, free and under an open license.

Data quality is crucial for robust and sound modelling results. Therefore, we request feedback on data quality and deficiencies in the data set to report these to the Federal Network Agency and to address them in the post-processing of the open-mastr software until they have been repaired. With this, we want to apply the collaborative software development approach to data analysis and improvement.

Please get in touch for feedback here<https://github.com/OpenEnergyPlatform/open-MaStR/issues> or here<https://openenergy-platform.org/contact/>.

Kind regards
Christoph and Ludwig

Transformation of Energy Systems

Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH
Rudower Chaussee 12
12489 Berlin

E-Mail: christoph...@rl-institut.de<mailto:christoph...@rl-institut.de>
Web: www.reiner-lemoine-institut.de<http://www.reiner-lemoine-institut.de/>

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