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Robbie Morrison

Sep 13, 2022, 5:12:40 AMSep 13
to CRESYM (contact), openmod list

Open letter cross‑posted to the Open Energy Modelling Initiative mailing list

Hello CRESYM (Collaborative Research for Energy SYstem Modeling), Brussels, Belgium

A colleague just brought your website to my attention:

I contribute to the Open Energy Modelling Initiative (openmod):

In terms of size, the openmod forum and mailing list both number about 950 subscribers.  Our last physical meeting in Berlin attracted 190 participants, mostly early‑stage researchers.  And interest is clearly growing.

There are clear overlaps in terms of domain between CRESYM and the openmod.  But equally, the openmod is more amorphous and harder to connect with, with no one holding official positions and there being no legal entity present.

This list of open models (about half complete) on wikipedia gives an indication of the range of activities:

Some of the frameworks listed are already used by TSOs and producers in Europe.  But being genuinely open source, the individual projects do not necessary know who is cloning and deploying their software and for what applications and reasons.

So I am guessing  that there would be some overlapping interests between CRESYM and the openmod?

The main problem the openmod community faces in Europe is access to legally unencumbered data of good quality.  Information under statutory reporting is, for instance, usually not licensed, in some cases technically crippled, and often incomplete.  The degree to which CRESYM could help us improve access to system information — for both our community and other researchers — could be one area of common ground?

Another area of cross‑over could be open licensed data standards.  Widely used industry information standards, say published by the International Electrotechnical Commission, do not meet our community's needs in terms of legal status.  So a discussion about the IEC open licensing (say Creative Commons CC‑BY‑4.0) their Common Information Model, for instance, would be very useful:

The question of model proliferation is ever present too.  It would help to be aware of existing projects and collaborate where possible.  Indeed a more formalized software audit could provide useful information in this regard.

Finally, there are initiatives covering open source cooperation in other very different sectors that could provide useful touchstones.  Automotive Grade Linux comes to mind:

with best wishes, Robbie

Robbie Morrison
Address: Schillerstrasse 85, 10627 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49.30.612-87617
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