[European Union] Open Data Institute 03-Feb-2021 consultation on energy sector high-value datasets

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Robbie Morrison

Jan 22, 2021, 5:01:49 AMJan 22
to openmod list, Josh D'Addario (ODI), Emily Sinclair (ODI)

Hello all (cc: ODI)

The European Union recently introduced the concept of high‑value datasets (HVD) in the open data directive 2019/1024 and nominated, in legislation, some domain areas they considered useful — the energy sector was not on that list for some reason.

The United Kingdom‑based Open Data Institute (ODI) has been commissioned (prior to Brexit) to report on energy sector HVD.  To that end, Josh D'Addario duly contacted me and would like to run an hour‑long online community consultation meeting as follows:

  • Wed 03-Feb-2021 14:00 +0000 (GMT)
  • Wed 03-Feb-2021 15:00 +0100 (CET)

Please reply to me if you would like to participate. This meeting presents an opportunity to, I imagine, variously:

  • outline the current scope of data and particularly any gaps
  • nominate some high‑value datasets
  • push for CC‑BY‑4.0, CC0‑1.0, and other open licenses to enable reuse
  • discuss technical issues, including collection protocols, semantics, packaging, and metadata
  • discuss pubic data provision infrastructure more generally

You need not be resident in the EU or a citizen of a member state, but the discussion is necessarily limited to datasets covering Europe.

Looking forward to your responses!  Robbie

PS: engaging in these kind of processes is a good way to push for progressive agendas!

Further background

The directive referred to is:

And it entered into force on 16 July 2019.  It replaced the previous public sector information (PSI) directive.

In addition, six from the openmod community formally commented to the Commission on this oversight in relation to energy sector HVD eight months ago (paragraphs 1, 79–84):

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