UK data is leaving the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform

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Matteo De Felice

Jul 1, 2021, 3:10:30 AMJul 1
to openmod initiative
From the recent news in the ENTSO-E TP:

Dear Transparency Platform Users,
As a consequence of the terms of the post Brexit Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and the EU, there is no longer any obligation for GB to publish information on the Transparency Platform. Therefore all data publication on TP for BZN|GB has stopped on June 15th 2021.
For your information, these data flows will continue to be published internally on the ELEXON BMRS platform.
Best regards,
Transparency Platform Team

UK has left the integrated electricity market and their data is not on the TP any more. 

Robbie Morrison

Jul 1, 2021, 3:20:39 AMJul 1

Hi Matt, all

Just for clarification, this new provision applies to Great Britain but not Northern Ireland.  Data from Northern Ireland will continue to appear on the ENTSO‑E Transparency Platform.

For those not following the Brexit process in much detail, the "boundary" between the European Union and the United Kingdom effectively runs down the Irish Sea and not along the land border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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Grant Wilson

Jul 1, 2021, 4:17:20 AMJul 1

Dear All,

Also – if it helps to provide an alternate source of the data for the GB electrical system (which is from National Grid and Elexon) – although not structured into onshore and offshore wind – only wind as a total (and solar) and the usual fuel types from the BMRS

It is a single file each of raw data and cleaned data


This is updated monthly – and has been parsed to provide an ISO 8601 UTC and local time datetime stamp rather than the settlement period data

Also published under CC-BY-NC-4.0. (non-commercial as this is a clause from Elexon)

Note – although the data should align with the ENTSOE-E submissions from national grid – the last time I checked – it did not always do so. I’ve never known why – it is one of the data mysteries for GB.

Best wishes



Dr Grant Wilson


Energy Informatics Group

School of Chemical Engineering

College of Engineering & Physical Sciences

University of Birmingham

T: 0121 414 5383 |E: | Room 150, Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT 


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Barry McMullin

Jul 1, 2021, 5:13:36 AMJul 1
to openmod list, Barry McMullin
Hi all -

I definitely do not want to suck the list into the labyrinthine complexities of brexit (never mind the 400-odd year colonial and post-colonial histories of the islands of Great Britain and Ireland); but do just want to expand a little on this remark of Robbie's that: '... the "boundary" between the European Union and the United Kingdom effectively runs down the Irish Sea and not along the land border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland' - which is essentially correct in the openmod context, but does finesse quite a lot of local complexity! 

Let's just say that, post-brexit, there is no single "boundary" between the UK and the EU for all purposes. Northern Ireland remains fully a constituent part of the sovereign nation state of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". As such, NI is no longer part of the EU, and the land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is now an external border between the EU and a third country. But, for certain limited and specified purposes, Northern Ireland (unlike England, Scotland and Wales) also continues to participate in a range of EU processes. In particular, it has the very special status of continuing to participate in the EU single market.

In relation to electricity, there is a single, integrated, synchronous grid operating over the geographic island of Ireland, serving the separate political jurisdictions of the Republic of Ireland (EU) and Northern Ireland (third country), supporting a single wholesale electricity market. Theoretically, this all-island market is also integrated with the EU single electricity market: and this continued participation is explicitly protected under the "Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland" of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. However: the only current physical interconnections outside the island are to GB (now outside the EU single electricity market), which complicates matters quite a bit. This may ease at least a little in the future, when a new physical interconnector directly to France is commissioned; but that is some way away (due around 2026). 

Which is all by way of saying that, at least as I understand it, Robbie is exactly correct that for the purposes of the EU single electricity market, and thus of the ENTSO-E transparency platform, the integrated electricity market of the island of Ireland, specifically including Northern Ireland, continues to be a participant and subject to its rules; and yes, the corresponding "boundary" between EU and UK administrative processes and obligations lies between the geographic islands of Ireland and Great Britain ("down the Irish sea") rather than along the political border between the EU and the UK.

Of course, this will remain true only as long as the terms of the "Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland" remain intact. This protocol remains the perhaps the single most contentious issue in ongoing relations between the EU and the UK (and especially divides communities here on the island of Ireland). There continues to be a very rocky and uncertain political road ahead (in which electricity market integration may prove to be the least of the issues, unfortunately).

Kind regards - Barry

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