is OpenMeta an OS X standard for adding tags, ratings, and other metadata to files?

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Dec 8, 2009, 9:11:18 AM12/8/09
to OpenMeta
Sure it is. it's more than that. and i am worried about it.

'OpenMeta is an standard xattr-based method for storing tags, ratings,
and other metadata to files.'

It's mostly useful on Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6.
This works for me with (hey, despite xattr - with all my mp3 too):

- debian-based nas's {xfs with smb+afp(netatalk)} reading the xattr,
(but not really useful to me due to plists ...? ) but server-based
- os x 10.6.2 clients (afp)
- tagger, tagit, taglists, openmeta, ls -l@, leap(<100%), yep (<100%)
for writing and reading xattr

BTW: is there an openmeta client for windows? for reading?
does it work with windows, within ntfs, is smb ok?

But i also worry about the so called 'standard'. Please - get it

Is it really more than marketing? There is basically NO documentation
of the 'standard', isn't it?

Do I need to read and understand the sources? to trust it?

And by the word 'standard' i think of a slowly evolving 'something'.
According to my readings here, the standard for adding and managing
tags, ratings, and other metadata to files on OS X is moving 'fast'

it is moving fast if it is open -
it is NOT moving if it is closed.
weird thing.

- moving fast if it is open -
I've already 'collected' mailtags and default folder x in the past.
didn't realize how many tools i use (Aehm, i own) with openmeta
support built-in.
((Maybe i do not use them for their max possible extend)). But hope
all stay interoperable.

- NOT moving if it is closed -
I am shocked by my readings about apple's bug deleting MY metadata.
sent feedback the usual way. will it be read? won't take it for sure.

I am shocked, as i finally realize my OS X 10.6.2 Workstation cannot
really use metadata within my LAN.
I don't have 'osx 10.6 clients' i am interested in - all data i am
interested in is networked AND heterogenous!
Linux, OS X, Windows 7, ... iphones, AppleTV, Soundbridges,
'airtunes' ... many clients are reading the files.

Am I slaughtered before reaching the grail?
How can this holy shit be useful in the net, in the enterprise?
It's all about the Cloud, the cloud, the cloud - not a bitten apple.

I really hope this standard will last -
I really wish it could be networked.

I really wished i could trust it.


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