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Nathan Cravens

Apr 5, 2020, 6:56:02 AM4/5/20
to Open Manufacturing
You know, like the Star Trek Federation...


Delays in executing critical life saving measures during a global emergency due to a conflict of special interests, rigged bureaucratic inefficiency, red tape, and lack of transparency make it strikingly clear the political economic system needs a massive overhaul in light of our present situation. This proposal advocates the assembly of a transparently operated local-to-global consortium, fusing all institutional processes, formerly business and governmental, into a fully integrated system focused exclusively on the provision of human need regardless of previous economic or social status. 

This order revolves around a set of councils, each member selected and confirmed by a sortition of peers. Council members have executive roles held to account by other council members and those they serve. Major decisions are executed by six experts in each council. A council could have more or less than six executive members, but will only require the agreement of six experts to put policy in motion. Citizen and worker’s councils have ultimate veto power if necessary. 

Councils will prioritize the following essential sectors with transparent integration and streamlining in mind:

Agriculture and Fishing | Manufacturing | Repair and Installation of Machinery and Equipment | Electricity, Gas, and Water | Construction | Wholesale and Retail Trade | Transport Storage and Communication | Accommodation and Food Services | Information and Communications | Financial and Legal Activities | Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activities | Rental and Leasing Activities | Administrative and Support Services | Public Administration and Defense | Human Health and Social Work Activities | Community / Voluntary Services | Military, Disaster Relief, and Policing

Each would have an assigned expert council, starting at the foundations of each field. After expert councils agree, the orders are sent to head expert councils and head councils that coordinate with other councils to execute orders as seamlessly as possible.

Five zones and five types of council work together, executing functions from the bottom-up with facilitation aided from the top-down. Every individual on Earth would have access to this information, able to provide positive or negative feedback regarding any feature of the system, including proposing agendas—and with permissions—the ability to make changes in the system, whether on a council or not.


Personal  | Local | Regional | National | Global


Supreme Council

Global >> << National <<

Head Council

Global >> << National >> << Regional <<

Head Expert Council

Global >> << National >> << Regional << Local

Expert Council

Global >> << National >> << Regional << Local

Citizen and Worker’s Council

Global >> << National >> << Regional >> << Local >> << Personal


  • Supreme Council. These members have risen through the ranks to perform broader national or global tasks. They will mostly hold advisory or diplomatic positions, ensuring that all councils below them work in harmony to provide adequately for everyone on Earth. 

  • Head Council. This group consists of administrators and consultants aiding in agreements among expert councils, ensuring all expert councils decisions are translatable into agreeable action.   

  • Head Expert Council. This council ensures all decisions of expert councils below integrate smoothly. This council is responsible for data collection and modeling, accessible to everyone that uses the system, from personal use to supreme council decision making.

  • Expert Council. In the spirit of guilds of the middle ages, these will represent the elite of expertise of every known craft, all of which is dissected into instructions for non-experts or software and robotics to manage themselves. 

  • Citizen and Worker’s Council. This is where individuals provide feedback by submitting a complaint/compliment or proposal. The data is gathered and directed to the head council, alerting the appropriate expert and head expert councils.

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