Silver, Gold, Mercury and Water Found in Moon Crater Soil by LCROSS Project

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Paul D. Fernhout

Nov 17, 2010, 7:25:08 PM11/17/10
to Open Manufacturing
For those interested in space habitat aspects of open manufacturing...

"In fact, when you look up at the moon at night, you're seeing not only
traces of silver, but also calcium and ammonia, mercury and magnesium,
carbon monoxide and dioxide and sodium. All were found in lunar surface
material thrown up by a rocket deliberately crashed into the Cabeus
crater by LCROSS in 2009. Cabeus is near the moon's South Pole. ... More
problematic however is the discovery of significant levels of mercury in
the moon's soil within Cabeus. The toxic nature of mercury could be
hazardous for astronauts venturing outside a space capsule."

"Lunar soil is richer than previously thought, with traces of silver
among the complex mix of elements and compounds found within one of the
moon's craters, according to a study published Thursday. Researchers at
Brown University who analyzed particles of lunar dust kicked up by a
NASA-engineered collision last year found a surprisingly rich mixture
that, in addition to the silver, included water and compounds like
hydroxyl, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and free sodium."

Also speculated about here:
"Not only did it contain water, but a plethora of other compounds and
elements including mercury, calcium, magnesium, carbon monoxide and
dioxide, ammonia, sodium � and small traces of silver."

And it all raises the bigger post-scarcity issue:
"There is Water on the Moon But Who Owns It?"

=== and for amusement purposes only :-)

That page also links to this questionable sounding venture at the
moment: :-)

Unless this is true? :-)
"Exopolitics, the Obama Administration, and the Growing International
Movement toward Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence | Events |
Earthrise Retreat Center"
"Friday, Nov 19, 2010 , 6:00 PM � 9:00 PM
Potluck dinner followed by a presentation by our leading advocate for
ending the 63 years old government imposed truth embargo and bringing
transparency regarding UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence engaging
the human race."

No doubt these are mostly images of bacteria in the optics, or assorted
space junk, or electronic glitches, or are plain hoaxes: :-)
"NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning
UFO footage from NASA's archives"

And anything else, well, kids having fun and slipping through the
quarantine, right? :-)

I can think of only one reason why aliens (if they existed) might be
interested in Earth -- "Coochee Coochee Coo!" :-)

Let's hope any aliens would have their equivalent of Charles Darwin to
put in a good word for us: :-)
"And Darwin believed that �higher� animals are capable of thought and
emotions similar to ours." :-)

Anyway, we still have lots of issues to work through on Earth, in any
case. :-)

--Paul Fernhout
The biggest challenge of the 21st century is the irony of technologies
of abundance in the hands of those thinking in terms of scarcity.

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