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Will Pearson

May 27, 2011, 8:16:23 PM5/27/11
==Definition of terms==

Main Server: A central server
Game Server: Stores game state, allows statistics/real time views.
And communicates information between players.
Commander Server: Allows a commander to see the state of his troops
and give orders.

I think WWW is the way to go. This allows web clients to be written to
get and display data in a variety of ways. And allows us to go through
firewalls easily. It makes two directional connections a bit more
difficult but we can use comet. Which brings us to.

We need comet!

Why do we need two directional communication? So that we can do things
like have a hunted person (or someone with a flag), that shows up on
the android display based on their location. This means that whenever
the gps signal of the hunted is updated it would send a signal to the
game server which would then tell all the hunters where to look.

==Language and Framework==

People understandably want something they know. I'm half tempted to go
with erlang,

But python seems like a good choice. I'm tempted to go with Tornado as
it says it is simple and flexible. I'll look into it more. Anyone have
any suggestions for comet+python?

I've used cheetah for the templating language, but I'm open to better
suggestions (it didn't enthuse me).

==Server Discovery==

Phone based (QRCode) - Need way of generating QRcodes with a program
Recharge station (pings a udp broadcast on the network and waits for a
response telling it the server URL/IP)


Some form of SQL, so that people can easily use other languages to
talk to it to provide pretty front ends as well.


On openwrt router so we can just ship them out to people set up (for
gun based systems)?

Other thoughts?


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