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Charles Yarnold

May 27, 2011, 8:43:39 AM5/27/11
to openla...@googlegroups.com
I know most of us want to make our own gear in the end, but I love their guns/packs! So managed to score sum stuff off of them (see below)



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Hi Charles

We would love to give you some plastic.  I will get some parts together and I believe one of us can drop off by hand as we would like to see what you are doing.

Best regards,
Steven Jennings

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I'm a member of The London Hackspace, we make mend and modify things for fun. I'm involved in a group of us trying to make our selves some laser tag gear to play with.

I was hoping that you may have some old, possibly broken equipment that you would be able to help us with? While we are making all the internals ourselves I love the look of the q-2000 gear (due to playing with it at Harrys Quazar in Bristol from when I was little!)

I would be highly appreciative of any help you could give us!


Charles Yarnold



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tom wyatt

May 27, 2011, 9:53:03 AM5/27/11
to openla...@googlegroups.com

Awesome! Be interesting to see what we get :D

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