meeting notes - 14/05/2011

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Jun 14, 2011, 6:08:28 PM6/14/11
to OpenLaserTag
Notes from meeting on tuesday for v0.1

Basic Flow for setting the guns configured

> Gun gets ID from an energizer (debug unit - configured to send IR messages with whatever we like)
> Once phone connects to gun the gun sends a "hello my id is.." packet
> Phone sends Gun Id and ID of itself to server

From this the server has a mapping between Gun ID and Phone ID and the
phone has some idea what the gun ID is.

When the gun receives a bullet packet it broadcast over BT connection,
for example "you got hit by <gunid> with <ammo id> your health is now
<health>", this can be relayed to the server for the score updates.

Charles Yarnold

Jun 14, 2011, 7:57:25 PM6/14/11
Game start and stop will be player controlled, by shouting "game on" etc

We also learn't, don't hold meetings where those not involved over hear. They tend to interrupt every 3 seconds with a new awesome idea they just have to tell you, 99% of them all ready on the list for a later date.

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