how to use kinect v2 as a webcam ??

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Abdulrahman Alshanoon

Jul 18, 2017, 9:40:00 AM7/18/17
to OpenKinect

Hi, all

I am using YOLO v2 for object recognition, when I run the following code

./darknet detector demo cfg/ cfg/tiny-yolo-voc.cfg tiny-yolo-voc.weights


I get video stream from the webcam, but I want to get the video stream from the camera Kinect v2. The Yolo V2 get the video stream from cap = cvCaptureFromCAM(cam_index); in the file demo.c in darknet and the kinect v2 get the rgb videos stream from the libfreenect2::Frame *rgb = frames[libfreenect2::Frame::Color];//BGRA format in libfreenct2

I want to use kinect v2 and Yolo v2 for object detection !!!!! Any one can give me help ??

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