Install openni2 + Nite2 in ubuntu 14.04, failed to run UserViewer of Nite2 sample

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Vincent Tseng

Jun 2, 2015, 6:00:37 PM6/2/15
Need helps......!

I installed OpenNI 2.2 and NiTE 2.2 in ubuntu 14.04.2LTS.

I added $USER to group video and created a rule 51-kinect.rules in etc/udev/rules.d as specified in freenect wiki.

freenect-glview and NiViewer ran with no issue. UserViewer ran with terminal displayed the following then it terminated.

OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: Using libfreenect v0.5.2
OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: Found device freenect://0
OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: Opening device freenect://0
[Stream 70] Negotiated packet size 1920
write_register: 0x0105 <= 0x00
write_register: 0x0006 <= 0x00
write_register: 0x0012 <= 0x03
write_register: 0x0013 <= 0x01
write_register: 0x0014 <= 0x1e
write_register: 0x0006 <= 0x02
write_register: 0x0017 <= 0x00

I tried lubuntu 14.04.2 and ubuntu 14.04.2, same results.


Stephen Reddish

Mar 7, 2016, 7:39:31 AM3/7/16
to OpenKinect
Is this a dead thread Vincent Tseng?
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