how to add ROI coding module into openjpeg

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Mar 2, 2008, 10:23:03 AM3/2/08
to OpenJPEG
I have downloaded the latest version of openjpeg v1.3, as I am not so
familiar with the source code, could anyone please give me any
sugestions on how to begin with if I want to add ROI coding module
into the source code, such as the relevant functions to be

And is there any code available on ROI coding algorithm, such as
maxshift ?

Thanks for any help.

Antonin Descampe

Jun 12, 2008, 9:54:39 AM6/12/08

Hi James,

Currently, openjpeg v1.3 has a very limited implementation of ROI. The
only thing that can be done is upshift a whole component (as there is
no spatial zone selection, i wonder if we can even call this ROI ...).
However, this gives a basis to go one step further and implement a
true ROI option.

The JPEG 2000 ROI feature is described in annex H of the standard.
There are basically two things to implement :

* The mask generation : based on coordinates provided by the user, a
binary mask has to be generated for each subband (or even for each
code-block if we want to get the finest granularity when specifying
the ROI). I would say that this should be done when doing the DWT
(=>dwt_encode(_real) in dwt.c) but I should maybe investigate this a
bit more.

* The scaling operation : based on the mask, some coefficients have to
be up-scaled in order to be encoded first during entropy coding
(Maxshift method). This should surely be done in t1.c
(t1_encode_cblk), before applying the three coding passes. Depending
on the granularity required by the ROI implementation, the whole code-
block will be up-shifted or only some of its coefficients (the one
selected by the binary mask).

Well, writing this, i realize that it's not so easy to do... Let us
know if you investigate this a bit further or feel free to ask for
more details (not sure i will be able to answer though).



Le 02-mars-08 à 16:23, James a écrit :


Sep 19, 2019, 10:21:34 AM9/19/19
to OpenJPEG
Hi James,
I am also working on region of interest encoding and i am also trying to implement max shift algorithm. Can you help me please if you have done it.



Tejasvee Bisen

Sep 19, 2019, 10:45:05 AM9/19/19
No, i am also trying. Actually OpenJPEG has something component of interest thing not as region of interest. So i am also not getting how to implement it. 
If you get or know how to do it in OpenJPEG please let me know. 


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