Net-OpenID-Consumer 1.11/1.12 and Net-OpenID-Common 1.13

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Roger Crew

Nov 6, 2011, 3:07:57 PM11/6/11
ok, Martin was able to do an official release of Net-OpenID-Consumer for me.
And I just did a new release of Net-OpenID-Common 1.13

The main new things with Net-OpenID-Consumer 1.11 beyond what was already done in 1.100099_002
  • a listing of all of the error codes and what they mean
  • other random POD cleanups 
And, if you also upgrade to Net-OpenID-Common to 1.13
that fixes the last two actual bugs reported on RT (#41310 and #47349)
The remaining items there are either non-issues (#33745), non-code issues (#47615)
or bugs elsewhere (#68046 which is actually a problem with LWPx::ParanoidAgent)

Once Martin gets to his latest email there may also be a Net-OpenID-Consumer 1.12
out with a proper dependence on Common 1.13 so that you won't have to remember 
to upgrade Common

... which, by the way, is the only difference between Consumer 1.11 and 1.12
i.e., if you're seeing Consumer 1.12 out there and wondering what's up with that).
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