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david schlussel

May 7, 2013, 8:30:22 PM5/7/13
Greetings yogis.

Ever notice that it's like 80% women in the class.  

Ever think about how much better the world would be if more men practiced yoga?  

Me too, that's why I created yoga for dudes.

Most guys I know, including me, started because a woman encouraged me to.  

In the story of the goose who laid the golden eggs, they try to kill the goose to get all the eggs out at once, but that just cuts off the supply.  Men (and women) these days are working themselves to the bone, trying to get the eggs out without feeding themselves, without nurturing themselves.

I created yoga for dudes to help get men back into their bodies, to reconnect to their living breathing animal.  The part of them that gets to enjoy things.

Send a man you love!

Come as you are and leave feeling better!

Strength and flexibility are the result, not the prerequisite, of a yoga practice.

In this two hour workshop I’ll teach you the basics to help you:
- be able to walk into any yoga class feeling confident
- feel whether you are in alignment or not
- be more comfortable in your own body
- how to use “no pleasure, no gain” to guide you to a free body
- that there is no “wrong” but there is “less painful”
- liberate habitual tensions at your own pace
- relax tension and release your power

Yoga is known for its many benefits, including:
- better access to your strength
- better range of motion
- healing old injuries
- being able to respond rather than react to stimulus
- better relationship to your self
- enjoying life more

You’re going to spend the rest of your life in your body, you might as well take care of it.

Please come spend two hours with a bunch of awesome men getting back to optimal health.

Just $35 for two hours of reintroducing yourself to your hidden superpowers!


Namaste Rockridge | 5416 College Avenue Oakland, CA 94618
| (510) 547-YOGA (9642) |


p.s. Ask me about my first DVD - Introduction to Yoga for Dudes!


physically, mentally, emotionally

Private yoga + life coaching
M 6:00-7:30pm at  at Namaste Berkeley (aka 7th Heaven) 
W, F 8:30-9:30am at Yoga Kula
Tues 9:30-11:00am at Namaste Berkeley (aka 7th Heaven) (level 2)
W,F 12-1pm at  Namaste Berkeley (aka 7th Heaven)

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