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david schlussel

Jul 2, 2015, 6:23:26 PM7/2/15
Greetings Yogis!

$45/hr for first session (normally $90)
You know how the hands-on adjustments from class can really open up a pose?  A private yoga lesson is full of that kind of attention.  It's how yoga was taught for the first 100 years or so.   To help break the ice I'm offering 5 half-off private yoga sessions.*  This is great for your partners who are new to yoga who want to learn a few things before throwing themselves into a class, or if you are recovering from an injury and want to focus on how to not only avoid re-injuring, but actually use the poses to facilitate healing. Book Now

As promised in my last email I wrote about how I help my coaching clients shift unhealthy habits.  It's so simple anyone can do it.  In the article and the list below I used smoking as an example.   Here's the quick & dirty 7 steps for your convenience, read the whole article for details of how to leverage each step to move forward.

1. Notice that there is a problem (“I’m short of breath”)
2. Notice that there is a habit creating that problem (“My smoking is affecting my lungs”)
3. Notice that you’ve just acted in the habitual way (“I’ve just smoked a cigarette and I can feel the effects”)
4. Notice that you’re in the middle of the habit (“Hey, there’s a cigarette in my mouth, I should quit soon”)
5. De-rail the habit mid pattern (Pull the cigarette out of your mouth and put it out)
6. Notice you’re at the beginning of the cycle (“I’ve got a cigarette in my mouth and I’m about to light it”)
7. Notice that the cycle is about to start (“I’m about to reach for my cigarettes”)

Here's the whole article: Breaking a Habit: From Unconscious to Intentional

Practice on your own, everywhere, it's fun to put your attention on your body.  I'll give you the tools, you take them home and sharpen them.

Have a great summer!


*This is designed for people who haven't tried it before, but if it's really the money that's been holding you back from the second one, then lets talk, I'm happy to negotiate.

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