Yoga at Dance this Sunday, 9:30-10:30am, and a few words about self-expression

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david schlussel

Aug 15, 2014, 8:57:03 PM8/15/14
Greetings yogis -

Just want to invite you to come to my class this Sunday before Ecstatic Dance, at Sweets Ballroom in Oakland, just above 19th street BART.  

I teach from 9:30-10:30am, then the DJ starts playing, starting with slow music to feel your way into your own rhythm, then builds it up for you to really throw down if that's your speed...

My theme is around self-expression -
Through my coaching practice I keep seeing that everyone is always expressing themselves the best they can in any moment, depending on how safe they feel.  People mostly hold back if they don't feel we'll be accepted.  So there's all this beauty and love and spirit inside waiting to come out, quietly wondering if it will be received.  Well, Ecstatic Dance is one of the safest places to express myself I've been.  We are all welcome to be exactly as we are, and celebrated for it.  Of course there's always someone everywhere who is hurting and needs to judge others to avoid feeling their pain, but at Dance they always seem so greatly outnumbered that it doesn't even matter.  We needn't judge them for judging anyhow.  Just come be yourself, express yourself fully.  I'll warm you up.  

Here's a chart I made to help you navigate yourself...

  • Path of self
      • sound: "errrrrr...?"
      • thought patterns: am I okay? what are they thinking of me? did i do that right?  I don't know if I can do this.  they are wrong.
      • sound: "ooohhhhh..."
      • thought patterns: this is what it feels like, i'm noticing...
      • sound: "ahhhhhhh"
      • thought patterns: I am okay.  this is what it's supposed to be like.  i can do this.
      • sound: "mmmmmmm"
      • thought patterns: I'm pretty good, I like myself, I love myself.
      • sound: "WHEEEEEE!!!!"
      • thought patterns:  enjoy me!
      • sound: "Om (Aum)"
      • thought patterns: I am.
Namaste -


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