Zelio Binding (Telemecanique/Schneider Smart Relay)

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Jul 6, 2015, 5:43:12 AM7/6/15
to ope...@googlegroups.com
Hi there - I was wanting to gauge if there was any interest (and skills out there) to work on a Native binding for the Zelio (for the Front Panel 'SLin/SLout' interface).

I currently have a Zelio integrated into OpenHab, having followed the same route as an older post in the OpenHAB forum (Using the Exec Binding, with an external CPP based program).
I'm even guessing the author of that post was also the Author of the CPP based utility which I hacked around to serve my purposes (If you are reading this - Thanks Jeroen - It's a great utility, and is working very well)

While this works well for me, I am now thinking about the idea of trying to see if could move this into a native binding for OpenHAB... Less moving parts, more portable for other users etc....

I am thinking that the protocol is pretty close to Modbus ASCII, in terms of format, commands, checksum etc. I was comparing a read command created by the above utility, and the Modbus binding, and only difference I could see is that there was an extra preceeding byte pair ("00") in the address to be read (and obviously the resulting checksum). So this could potentially be based on the Modbus binding, OR even could be a modification to the modbus binding (e.g. another protocol in the list, e.g. "RTU, ASCII, ZELIO"), but will defer that to greater minds than my own...

Whilst I am not a Java programmer, I do have a few things I can bring to the table..... One of those includes a spare Zelio which I have been loaned by a mate for a while, so I can use this to perform binding testing (and not interfere with my 'Production Zelio'). I also have got a setup to capture serial traffic (which mostly works well !!)....

Anyone out there interested in using (or already using) Zelio 'Smart' relay's who would be keen to collaborate on this?

Cheers - Glen

david s

Aug 14, 2015, 8:43:15 AM8/14/15
to openhab
Hi Glen,
You are way ahead of me but one day I may be able to help.  
I have a Zelio running some outdoor lights and will be expanding it over time.  It's taken me about 2 months just to get openHab to run inside Eclipse, but now at least I can start setting things up.
I use a Lightwave relay to send a signal to the Zelio but I guess I will be buying the modbus components and run a network cable to the Zelio. 
I agree it would be great to have a Zelio binding.  Or even documentation on how to setup the modbus binding   I read somewhere that any new bindings would have to support openHab 1&2 now - although 2 is not yet released.
I'll let you know how I get on


Aug 16, 2015, 8:51:28 PM8/16/15
to openhab
Hi David,

I will probably re-start this thread in the new forum, and maybe add some more detail... However, just some points regarding your post above.... (This could save you some money too !!)

The way I am interfaced to the Zelio, is using the Front Panel Programming port, and the SLin SLout Function blocks inside the Zelio. 
From the OpenHAB end, I am using the Exec binding, and an adapted version of a Open-Source C++ program which talks to the Zelio via the front port. All you need, is the programmer cable which came with the Zelio, (and it doesn't matter whether it is the USB cable or Serial version - both work fine....My 'Prod' Zelio has USB, and the test one I have been loaned has a Serial connection). No expensive Zelio Modbus adapter is required. This solution is working just fine.

If you do have the cash burning a hole in your pocket, and you want to interface to the Zelio via that method, I expect the current OpenHAB modbus binding will talk to this, with no modifications required (Just note in the Zelio documentation the limits for the number of Read/Write registers supported on the Zelio Modbus adapter, however if you are using this for light control, you can 'mux/de-mux' a register into Bits within the Zelio FBD, which will easily cover the number of inputs/outputs on a Zelio).

I however raised this topic, as it may be more useful if this was a Native Binding was available for the Zelio (e.g. you don't need to compile a external program, and also have the overhead of executing the program &opening/closing the port everytime you want to read/set status.) Also makes it easy/portable for other users to deploy...

My view however, is that the front panel protocol on the Zelio is pretty-much identical to Modbus ASCII, same read/write command codes, same fields etc  however just has an additional word in the address field, so may just need to add an additional "00" in the address field, and perform a corresponding change in the checksumming for the sending/receiving packets....Hence why I thought of the Modbus binding as a starting point.

I probably wont attempt anything until OH2 has been fully released... It looks like the IDE will be easier to setup, and I also have the challenge of learning to spell 'Java' to overcome.... Haven't played much with this language before....

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