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Hello!  Welcome to "OpenGov Metrics", a moderated email-group for sharing information and discussion about the standardization of metrics for measuring progress in "Open Government" efforts for making government more "Transparent, Participatory, and Collaborative".

We all want Democracy to work better, but how do we really know unless there is broad agreement on what and how to measure?  (And not just the level of "voter participation" at election time.)  These measurable properties for a more informed and engaged citizenry are universal democratic qualities, so while most current members are American, this topic is relevant and applicable to the government of ANY nation.  

For information about "Open Government" in the United States (federal) government, visit
(For individual agencies in U.S. government, simply add "/open" to the end of the agency's homepage address.)

For information about "Open Government", internationally, visit

Membership in this group is open to any interested person.  To leave the group, just follow the instructions at the bottom of each email.

best regards,

Stephen Buckley
group moderator

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